Ideas to Spruce up Your Dining Room


The dining room is the very special space of your house where you eat every meal. In some houses, it is just a little nook of your kitchen and in some houses, it is a spacious room for hosting a dinner party. While upgrading your home, the bedroom and living room often take priority and the dining room may fall flat. However, a few simple changes – such as changing the dining tables and chairs – can greatly improve the look and feel of your dining space. Below are we’ve compiled a list of ways you can spruce up your dining room.

Invest in quality dinnerware

Purchasing a quality dish set collection is an easy way to elevate your houseguests’ dining experience. A rustic collection with a hint of glossy finish can give your home-cooked-meals a restaurant quality finish.  Opt for classic designs that are versatile enough to be used at any time of year.

Stock up on fine linens

Complement the simplicity of your sleek dinnerware by stocking up on patterned tablecloths, runners and napkins. Play with colors, textures and mix & match. Select fine quality linens to enhance the elegance of your dining room furniture and dinnerware.

Hang an artsy mirror

The addition of a mirror can have a number of different effects on your space. Installing a uniquely designed mirror on a wall near the dining table and chairs can open up the brightness of the room. Opting for window-frame styled mirrors will not only make the space feel larger, but it will also create an impression of extra light.

Layer chairs with cozy throws and cushions

Adding soft and cozy cushions or pillows to the dining room furniture can elevate the comfort level of your dining room. Go for neutral or pastel shades of breathable fabric or select faux fur or cashmere for winter.

Swap chairs with a bench

A bench style seat, especially a cushioned upholstered version provides more comfort and room for sitting than a pair of chairs. If you were wanting to break up a set of matching dining chairs, replacing some chairs with a bench would be a smart way to do it.

Add some greenery with potted plants

Adding fresh greenery is a magnificent way to revive the dining room. Adding plants to your home is also beneficial to your health. Potted plants like ficus, split-leaf philodendron, rubber plant or fiddle leaf fig are a few options you can think about as they survive well indoors. These plants clean the air, add stature and drama, and can also can make your space feel bigger.

Buy a right-size area rug

Aim for a rug that is at least 24 inches on each side of the dining table. Anything less than that will catch the chairs pulled out and can also makes space look smaller. A flat-weave, appropriately sized rug brings warmth and comfort in the dining room and will also complement the dining room furniture.

Walls should have rich colors

Since you tend to spend less time in the dining room compared to the living room or kitchen, you can play with some bolder hues here. Look for a strong color, but nothing too overpowering. Sea-green, mocha or espresso are a few to try out.

Boost ambiance with light fixtures and extra lighting

Trading out your simple light fixture with a statement light fitting is the simplest way to level up the dining room décor. From filament pendants to chandeliers choose a piece that feels authentic to your sense of style. Although, a single statement light over the dining table and chairs is not enough. To balance the lighting arrangement the statement fixture should be put on a dimmer switch and also install alongside other sconce lighting fixtures.  Also consider a high gloss dining table as well as a great option.

To wrap up

Just have fun with it! Your home should reflect who you are and your sense of style, so infuse your personality in the room and in your dining furniture. Create a photo wall with different sized frames, stop at a garage sale to pick up some decorative glass bottles, or paint some pinecones with your kids and fill a glass bowl with them to use as a centerpiece on the dining table. Enjoy the fresh transformation of your dining room!

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