Impact of Good Teachers on Students Academic Life


Teachers are considered the pillar of society. Competent teachers can have an enriching effect on the children, contributing to their academic and career aspirations. A supportive instructor not only boosts the confidence of the students but enhances their learning too. It further results in remarkable achievements in both academic and professional life. An accomplished educator teaches not only textbook contents but also essential skills imperative for professional development.

A good teacher is like a sculptor. He makes the foundation of wisdom and knowledge from scratch in a student. They keep adding valuable information, skills, and traits to it till they achieve a perfect structure. The knowledge, skill-set, command on the subject matter, communication skills, and the ability to streamline student direction are essential for an efficient mentor.

A strong relationship between the teacher and student paves the way to develop mutual understanding. A teacher’s contribution can be evaluated by how passionate they are towards enriching and nurturing the student’s hidden abilities.

Let us see how teachers and their superiors influence the students’ academic life.

Roles of Academicians in Building Values

An effective teacher has a lasting and powerful influence on their students’ academic performance. However, several other academicians from the school management play a distinct role in this regard. In many schools, the assistant principal has to maintain the school decorum. They make a difference through vision, instructional leadership, proper management, and a sense of community. They assess the environment of the school and take initiatives in addressing the concerns of students and teachers. Their growth mindset acts as a catalyst between the faculty and students and drives them to take on challenges.

Assistant principals and teachers identify the implicit bias and ways to counter it to create a dynamic environment. They have to value equity, diversity, and cultural differences to promote a sense of belonging.

1. Personality Grooming

A good teacher is an asset. Teachers give you lessons for life. Creating strong bonds with students, teachers do a lot of hard work to help their students achieve their goals. They are not only responsible for academic enrichment but also personality development. Personality grooming is as important as completing a degree. It represents the inner self, and teachers work hard to make it better every day. They do this by building confidence and incorporating discipline in their students.

Teachers do this by ensuring that students dress well, communicate effectively, and actively participate in discussions.

2. Career Counseling

Teachers have an impact on their students far beyond the testing scores. They teach them skills for life and cultivate a positive attitude. Teachers give the best career advice to their students since they are aware of their multiple intelligences. They motivate the students in the following ways:

  • Inspire the students to set goals
  • Discuss jobs in their field of specialization
  • Pursuing higher education for jobs
  • Positively directing students to helpful career development resources
  • Addressing queries of the students

Apart from this, the teacher inspires students by sharing their life achievements. It also includes arranging meetings with the career advisors, linking subjects and case studies to jobs, and inviting role models to motivate them towards their future goals.

3. Encourage Responsibility

Effective teachers educate students in a way that helps them take responsibility for their learning. They create opportunities for students to pursue their interests and practice vital skills. Additionally, the students are encouraged by teachers to make their own decisions. They promote creativity and innovation by asking open-ended questions. Teachers shift responsibilities to students by involving them in various activities and assigning tasks that require them to manage them.

It takes a lot of effort, time, and experience to become a self-independent learner. When teachers empower students to take responsibility for learning, they are naturally motivated and directed. Equipping students with the opportunities to take responsibility is a critical component of student’s performance in the classrooms.

4. Develop Leadership Skills

Teachers with their persuasive and mentoring traits know how to inspire and motivate their students. They encourage students to coordinate with and motivate each other, build strong bonds, and hone leadership abilities. Leadership skills are pivotal in every walk of life. Teachers instill leadership traits in their students from a very young age. For instance, self-awareness and empathy are emotional intelligence traits that students learn by observing their instructors.

Competent teachers think big and develop a vision for the betterment of their students.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, teachers who address each student’s varying academic needs help identify and hone their multiple intelligence. Students are then inspired and persuaded by what they learn from their educators and willingly participate in learning processes. Teachers provide a safe and orderly environment for the students to achieve their academic aspirations confidently. To conclude, each one of us remembers the lessons of our best teachers and appreciates their efforts. It further explains the impact good teachers can have on us.

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