Impacts Of Junk Cars On The Environment

An Overview

Most homeowners find themselves in possession of an old vehicle that is dysfunctional such as a van or truck. Sometimes the condition of the car becomes extreme beyond repair, and you feel getting rid of it is the better option. Your junk car can bring you good money if you sell it to an automobile buying company such as Speedy’s Cash for Cars. Such dealers purchase vehicles in all conditions; old, dented, scratched, or useless. You do not have to stress about transporting the junk car because the company will offer you towing services. Ensure you select a company that pays instantly after negotiating a desirable price depending on the condition of your vehicle. After making proper fixings, a reputable company that buys cars in Indianapolis can resell the car or recycle it into something else that is useful.

Why You Should Get Rid Of Unused Junk Car

A junk car that lies recklessly in your backyard is a potential hazard that takes up space for something better. It is recommendable to sell your junk car to reputable junk car dealers who will tow your vehicle and dispose of it appropriately. There is a need to get rid of your old unused care because of the following reasons:

Property devaluation – An old and dysfunctional car looses its value yearly and can limit you from getting potential buyers willing to buy it at a fair price. Besides, it can affect the value of its surroundings and the property it sits on due to its bad sight.

Unwanted visitors – An abandoned car can provide habitation to unwanted visitors, rodents, and insects. These living things can intrude into your compound and cause damage to your properties.

Accumulation of rust – A car that sits for a prolonged period can accumulate rust and cause a corrosive effect that is a health hazard.

Eroding paint – Adverse weather conditions such as too much heating and constant sun radiation can make your vehicles` paint fade, clump, and bubble, leaving it in an awful state. It will devalue your car, and make it a challenge for you to resell it at a reasonable price.

Leaky fluids – Unused parked vehicles are prone to excessive fluid leaks that are toxic and dangerous to the environment.

Attractive nuisance – An abandoned car in your compound attracts the attention of strangers and passers-by like playing children. A vehicle with broken parts can injure kids who are fond of playing with it as a play tool.

There are actually some people who are into buying junk cars. Find out more about this in our article about why its a smart move to buy junk cars.

Effects Of Junk Car On The Environment

Groundwater solution – People neglect their cars due to various reasons. These include; dents resulting from an accident, the need for repairs, the lack of operating anymore. A car that stays in one place can long leak fluids from its container seeping on the ground. Harmful fluids include coolants, brake fluid, engine oil, and gasoline.  Contamination of soil and groundwater by these chemicals can cause health problems such as cancer.

Harmful gases – Old and new cars produce chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) gases that deplete the ozone layer. Dysfunctional and old cars` engine produces carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases that are a health hazard. Global warming is a result of too much accumulation of harmful gases in the ozone layer that is a risk factor to all living things.

Decomposition of junk cars – Most people leave their junk cars unattended without proper disposal to decompose. However, this can lead to various risk factors because the rusted bits can be sharp and dangerous. A car can take more than 500 years to decompose, and it is recommendable to get rid of the scraps by selling them to a reputable car junk company.