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Importance of Clean Floors in Selling a Home

When you’re looking to buy a home one of the first things you look at is the floors.   If they are dirty and unkept it’s an immediate turn off.  Even if they maybe worn they should be clean.  When your selling your home it’s important that you pay close attention to the current cleanliness state of your home.  You wouldn’t want to lose value in the sale just because your carpets need a good clean!

Tile Flooring

Make sure the tile has been cleaned and the grout is clean.  You can consider doing minor repairs and seals as needed to make sure it looks as best as possible.  If your tile is in really bad shape and you can afford it, consider replacing it.  If not then just make sure it looks clean and well-kept and well-polished to look great.

Strategically Use Rugs

You can use rugs to “dress up” your floors if needed.  But be careful to not hide something that will later make our buyers upset.  But a good rug can help to brighten up a room and pull attention away from flooring that be showing a little age and wear.

Wash, Sweep, and Vacuum Carpets

Carpets should definitely be cleaned, swept and in great shape before you start showing your home.  Consider using a professional carpet cleaning service over an individual if you want quick results.

Bathroom Floors

Bathroom Floors

Bathrooms typically have tile or hardwoods and in some cases carpet.  The tips above are great to follow when focusing on your bathroom floors. But don’t forget the floor in your shower, an attached closet, and around your toilet.  A prospective buyer will be looking at everything carefully.  You will want to make sure that the shower flooring is well cleaned and the area around the toilet is scrubbed.  Also don’t forget to clean the corners and flooring in your bathroom closets.


Stunning hardwood floors can certainly impress and add significant value to a home.  But even if they aren’t in perfect shape, a buyer knowing that high quality hardwood is installed even if it needs refinishing will be a big plus.  Make sure and polish your hardwood floors and keep them clean.  If the floors need refinishing consider doing it ahead of putting your home for sale.  You can discuss that option with your realtor to see if the effort and cost will be worth it.

Replace and Upgrade

If you have major flooring issues then you may need to replace and upgrade.  You will have to do a cost benefit analysis to determine if the money and time you will invest will be returned in the sale of your home.  Of course if you got major flooring issues then you may need to do an update to make sure you don’t turn buyers away.

Flooring in a home is a major component that buyers will certainly notice; remember that floors are everywhere in a home even your closets and pantries.  It will all reflect on how well you maintain your home.  Presentable and well-kept floors will help to ensure you get top dollar for your home.

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