Importance of Integrating Technology in Teaching Students

With the new advancements in technology being launched daily, it is clear that there is no going back to the days when people did not care about technological innovations. Even children are far gone in using these new inventions.

So, we might as well find ways to integrate technological developments in students’ learning experiences so that they can make good use of the innovations. It will create great opportunities for students to explore and even find their different passions. The article thus discusses the reasons why technology should be integrated into the curriculum.

Students Become More Engaged in Lessons

Attending long and boring lectures has been a challenge to most students over time, and technology has various opportunities for making lessons lively and interesting. For example, a lecturer can teach a concept several times without the topic getting boring since there are multiple ways it can be addressed, such as through watching videos.

Additionally, numerous activities can be performed using devices such as tablets and computers. They make the lessons exciting and keep students engaged.

Improves Comprehension and Mastering Levels of Students

Technology can highly increase students’ participation in class . Learning devices can be used to present content in a manner that delivers clear meaning and instant value to tutees.

Educators can analyze which technology activity enables the students to retain knowledge more and maximize on it. The human brain tends to be photographic. Hence, whatever the students learn. For example, in a geography class, if they are shown the different volcanic mountains and where they are located, chances are that they will not forget that topic.

No Limitation of Information

Students can read widely through the internet. They can access a wide variety of articles and books online. It ensures they read extensively and get vast information on a topic. Completing assignments becomes easy, and it would be rare for a student to say, “I’m finding it hard to write my essay.”

As well, teachers are not only limited to information given in the books since they can get extra information online to enhance their teaching. Additionally, tutors can make use of podcasts and videos that students can download and keep them. It allows tutees to review them anytime, such as when preparing for tests. Those who missed a class can still access the concepts taught and be at par with other students.

Learning Is Done According to the Students’ Pace

Not all students will be able to grasp a concept immediately after the teacher has gone through it in class. It is demoralizing when a student does not understand, and the teacher proceeds to the next topic. However, with technology, through features such as podcasts, students can go back and go over the lecture or lesson slowly until they understand the concept. It makes it even easy for the teacher since they do not have to go through the same theories over and over.

Prepares Students for Technological Shifts

Students need to be prepared well for the outside world. Nowadays, all companies require their employees to be not only having basic computer knowledge but also well conversant with the different technologies coming up. Therefore, schools are the best places to give students this exposure when they still have enough time to explore and learn.

Besides, by integrating technology with education, teachers can prepare students for their future careers since some would love to be technology gurus. Hence, by imparting this knowledge on them at a young age, their passion gets built, and they become ready to take on the technology world.

Prepares Students for Technological Shifts

Helps Save Time for Teachers

Making lesson plans have become easier for teachers. Besides, tutors can test their students online and mark their papers. It is quite fast as compared to the traditional assessment methods. The educator can even give students assessment tests without being physically in class or even without the students sitting in class. It makes learning possible anywhere.

The Final Word

Technology results in improved learning. It is because the virtual learning environment enhances teamwork and sharing of knowledge between the teachers and students. Integrating technology in normal learning experience increases their chances of succeeding in the outside world.

It is majorly because everything encompasses technology nowadays. Hence it becomes easy for them to fit in with the skills they have learned. In as much as we would like to exercise control on how students use the different technologies, it is also best to let them explore as long as they are learning and building their knowledge with it.