Importance of Practice Tests in Your Preparation for Microsoft 70-767


The latest innovations and inventions are what make the world’s businesses effective. Many technology leaders have installed rigorous programs to facilitate the advancements and efficiency of the already existing technologies. Microsoft is one of the corporations which ensures that the novices & professionals in the technology industry have the top-notch skills in developing, administration, and managing various tech products that are utilized in the globe. Through a well-structured Microsoft certification program, specialists can validate their skills and knowledge in the following three levels:

  • Entry level – this is the basic level of Microsoft badges where a candidate gets the fundamental knowledge and skills in various technological categories such as database, networking, operating system, and cloud. Click here for the credential that newbies receive.
  • Associate level – it is the mid-level where the candidates gain profound knowledge in their area of expertise. This level proves that one is competent to give ultimate solutions in the technology he/she specializes in. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) is earned at this level.
  • Expert level – this is the top tier level of Microsoft credentials where a candidate is equipped with expert skills in technologies such as productivity, Azure, SQL Server, etc. At this level, one can earn either the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, MCSD, or the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, MCSE.

Note, that along with these product-based credentials you can also opt for the new role-based badges, but since the article is dedicated to 70-767 assessment and its related MCSA SQL 2016 BI Development certification, let’s focus on them.

What Does Microsoft 70-767 Exam Lead to?

The main focus of 70-767 Real Questions is to equip the candidates with the utmost knowledge and skills in the implementation of SQL Data Warehousing. Test 70-767 is also the first part of earning the MCSA SQL 2016 BI Development credential. The second step towards this very certification is 70-768 exam. Since 70-767 is our main focus, let’s have a look at its topics:

  • Maintenance & usage of a data warehouse;
  • Development of high-quality data solutions;
  • Extracting, transforming & loading (ETL) data.

Microsoft 70-767 is designed to comprise 40-60 questions which can take the multiple-choice, performance-based, drag and drop format, etc. The time given to finish the test is 120 minutes. Every candidate is also required to pay an exam price of $165 to sit for this particular assessment.

The target audience of 70-767 are developers who are involved in the entire management and administration of data warehouses in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. As a result, one must be proficient in data warehouse concepts. One of the techniques of getting a profound understanding of concepts is through the practice tests from the website. 

Why Are Mock Tests Important for Passing 70-767 Exam?

There many tools that you can embrace during your preparation for 70-767. However, it is essential to find the best resources that will enable you to work hard and achieve the desired result. Practice tests from are ideal for your 70-767 exam prep because of the following reasons:

  • Building your stamina

Preparation for 70-767 with several reliable mock tests helps in building your stamina to face the real exam because you will get used to the nature of the questions. The FREE mocks from ExamSnap are uploaded by real test-takers who know what can be featured in the final assessment. Therefore, you will be having a strong foundation to face the actual exam because you are used to the nature and format of the questions.

  • Helping you identify the knowledge gaps

After preparing for your upcoming Microsoft 70-767 with several training materials, it is important to know if you have understood all the concepts. Mock tests help you to determine if there are gaps in your knowledge that need to be filled before taking the actual exam. As a candidate, you can use the practice test from the 70-767 Premium Bundle ($39.97) that was expert-validated to optimize your score in the actual test. For the same reason you can also utilize a video tutorial of lectures and a handy study guide that go as part of this valuable premium package. Therefore, the Premium Bundle for 70-767 is the right tool to help you seal loopholes that could have led to poor performance.

  • Time management

Time is one of the most important aspects which all candidates should consider when preparing for the actual assessment. Microsoft gives an equal timeframe for all candidates to answer all the questions. ExamSnap’s practice tests can help manage your time well because you can time yourself through a special tool that was created to run these mocks. This tool is the VCE Exam Simulator and it can not only help you set the necessary time for doing the test but also mimics the setting of the real exam so that you can feel confident, cause once you have managed to finish the practice test on time, then you can be sure that completing the actual exam will never be a problem.

  • Tracking your progress

As you prepare, it is important to know whether your prep is beneficial. With mock tests, you can take topical questions to determine your understanding of concepts in the key areas you have covered. As a result, you can tell if you are gaining the required skills in your preparation.

  • Improving knowledge retention

There is no need to go through several materials without retaining the important skills and knowledge. The practice tests are ideal in making you retain knowledge because it is easier to remember the key concepts through question and answer format. Once you have retained enough knowledge and skills, passing the real exam will be a walk in the park.

Career Prospects

When you’ve finally achieved your MCSA SQL 2016 BI Development badge, then you can for sure opt for the position of a BI Developer, which always comes with the increased salary. If to speak about the latter, Payscale claims that an average BI Developer gets $79,573 yearly, however, depending on your mastery and work experience, BI Developers’ salary can range from $56k to $109k as stated by the same site.

In a nutshell

The world requires many professionals who have profound skills and knowledge in various technologies. Make your steps to earn the MCSA SQL 2016 BI Development badge by taking the Microsoft 70-767 and 70-768 exams. Get the right tools from the platform and be sure that their updated practice tests will help you start your prep. Good luck!

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