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Almost similar to dizziness or sometimes described as general dizziness, vertigo is a sense of losing balance. It is something associated particularly that affects the inner ear or you may feel it when you look down from a great height. It is not something which you feel lightheaded or imbalanced; it is described as the false sense of spinning. You may feel that you are having a rotational spin as if you are sitting on a merry-go-round. To solve your problems over time, you can consult a vertigo specialist to balance disorders and treat sources of vertigo.

Mainly, vertigo is of two types: peripheral vertigo and central vertigo. The problem that arises relating to the inner ear is peripheral vertigo while an issue relating to the brain such as brain tumour, injury, infection or stroke is central vertigo.

Vestibular system

The vestibular system is the control system that helps to keep your body balanced when something goes wrong. Sometimes, you will not get to know or will never think about the truth until and unless things go wrong. In such cases, sensorimotor control systems or vestibular systems help us to work in harmony and keep our feet centred. It serves as the GPS of the human body by collecting sensory information about spatial orientation, equilibrium and motion.

The information which is collected by the system operates by determining whether you are stable or not, standing up or sitting down, moving forward or backwards. Hence, it is such a system that works without any form of visual reference.

You may develop the sensation of vertigo if something goes wrong with the sensor motor control system or vestibular system. You may lose the sense of balance or a feeling may arouse as if the room is spinning around. You may also develop feelings of heavy headedness, light-headedness or dizziness. As a result, when vertigo strikes it can be destructive. It becomes too hard to handle and that is the right time when you search for a vertigo specialist or any vertigo Institute. They cure the source of vertigo by finding abnormalities and designing treatment plans.

A set of physical or visual therapies are developed to treat your vertigo known as Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) to reduce the symptoms of the vestibular system. Nothing foreign or pre-planned programs are used for treatment, rather something natural is designed to deal with the problem of the vestibular system. However, the team at the vertigo institute focuses attentively on the vertigo patients to bring a vertigo-free life.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy programs include balance training, canalith repositioning, gaze stabilization, habituation etc. Balance training is the program used for strengthening your muscles to balance yourself. Canalith repositioning is used for patients to re-align the inner ear which helps in controlling their balance. Gaze stabilization is the program used to reset your eyes’ perceived sense of balance and habituation builds defence in patients for triggering vertigo.

Causes of vertigo

Few common causes lead to vertigo but an inner ear disorder is often caused. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is also known as BPPV occurs when tiny calcium particles known as canals get collected in the inner ear after changing their normal position. It takes place according to your age group and has no particular reason for its occurrence. It creates a problem when tiny particles get collected in the inner ear as our inner ear sent signals to the brain about body movements and head.

Another cause of vertigo is Meniere’s disease. It is an inner ear disorder which occurs when there is any change of pressure in the ear or buildup of fluid. It can result in loss of hearing. Vestibular neuritis or labyrinthitis is another cause of vertigo which is an inner ear disorder. It is due to inflammation which occurs after any infection. Vertigo is also caused by brain problems such as tumour or stroke, head or neck injury, migraine headaches, medications, diabetes, prolonged bed rest, low blood pressure etc.

Vertigo remedies

The word ‘remedy’ may sound a little odd but is mostly a kind of vertigo treatment that helps in maintaining disorders. It helps in living a healthier life and improves your quality of life. Some natural vertigo remedies are encouraged and are regarded as safe to try on your own. It may include dietary changes, less screen time, better sleep etc.

  1. Dietary changes: Dietary changes result from certain vestibular disorders such as vestibular migraines or Meniere’s disease place a powerful impact on vertigo symptoms. Sometimes, you might think of not taking sugar, salt or caffeine and this cutting back on foods brings disorders.
  2. Better sleep: Sleep plays a beneficial role in the functioning of our bodies. It helps in maintaining our health and prevents our bodies from various diseases. If you get bad sleep, you will not be able to work at your optimal ability and will face problems in maintaining the balance of your body. Hence, the human body

requires good sleep for proper functioning. Your brain plays an important role in communicating with various parts of the body and in maintaining balance.

  1. Less screen time: All groups of people need to reduce their time on screen focusing throughout the day. The less you will focus on those bright glowing skin, the more you feel active. The reflection of those bright glowing skin makes you undergo the problem of vertigo.

Vertigo is a common issue that occurs frequently in people over 65 years of age but it can attack at any age also. It lasts for a few minutes or a few seconds and people can also experience vertigo for even months, days, weeks, or hours. It can also be compared to motion sickness as one feels like you are spinning. The problem is not so scary but it can lead to serious health issues. Therefore, it is very much essential to consult with a vertigo specialist in such cases or inform any healthcare provider. The problem is not hereditary but it can involve a range of conditions which may exist in families.

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