Important Features to Check When Buying a Garage Drip Mat


Unless you spend your downtime wheeler dealing in garage drip mats, you are not likely to know how efficient and sophisticated garage mats have become over the last few years. Nowadays, even fabric mats stay put where they are laid, soaking up leaks and spills like a sponge looking good for years. Even so, if you are looking for the ideal garage drip mat that offers good all round value for money, there are one or two important features to check.

Features to Check

Don’t make a hasty decision and fall into thinking your garage mat is not a significant purchase. Instead, take your time and consider the following before taking the plunge if you want to find a mat that will last for years.

Durability: Unless you intend buying a new mat every other year, you have to look at the mat’s durability. It has to be able to handle the tough world of your garage or might as well use an old bit carpet. Give the mat a few tugs to ensure it is strong enough to deal with being parked on and wheel movement on turns, stops and starts.

Slip Resistant:  Make no compromises over this feature because this is one of the main benefits of putting a mat in the garage.  Consider one that is grooved and textured. These anti slip textures are designed to stop slipping with grease and oil and other slippery fluids including mud and rainwater. They also prevent it from spreading so that you can get rid of the liquid more efficiently.

Spill Resistant: Even if you’re opting for a muds mat for your garage, it still makes sense to opt for the one that can resist petroleum and chemical spills well. Garage mats of all kinds are versatile and you never know when you might bring yours inside to use for other jobs.

Weight: Consider the weight of your mat before finalizing a purchase. Ideally, it should not be so heavy you can never move it, but not so light as it will slide around while parking your car or blow about in the wind. Just ensure it is heavy enough to stay put and maintain its place in the garage.

Thickness: Paying attention to the thickness is important too because it’s an indication of its durability and longevity. In most cases, mats are ½ inch thick, but for heavy-duty use, they come as thick as 1 inch.

Leak-Proof Material: Remember, you can find garage mats in many designs and materials and it is important to pick just the right one. If a garage drip mat made from leak-proof material is going to be important, you may want to put your money on a plastic or rubber. They certainly last although high quality mats made from modern synthetic fibers can be just as leak-proof and durable.

Adhesives: You can easily find anti-skid mats, but sometimes, they need securing with an adhesive. You will need to check because there are different kinds. Some mats have special mountings that add friction and other mats come backed with Velcro you attach to strips on the floor as well as mats that don’t need anything. It is important to look at how your mat should be fitted or it could become a trip hazard itself.

You might be thinking when did buying a mat for the garage get so complicated. It truly isn’t. Most of these features you know how to look for already if you’ve ever bought a new pair of boots. Whether you go for the vinyl and plastics or the super modern fabrics, large or small, just like your new boots, the garage drip mat you choose has to suit what you intend using for. 

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