Impotence Therapy for Men who have taken Testosterone and or Anabolic Steroids

Genuine anabolic steroids online or purchased from a reputable pharmaceutical company can help run a bulking or cutting training program.

Androgenic-anabolic steroids will help boost muscle growth and development while also offering users other bodybuilding gains, including increased muscle strength, extra energy, a boost in stamina, and enhanced endurance levels.  These are just a few of the wonders steroids for sale could offer.

However, despite the performance-enhancing benefits of using Anabolic Steroids Pills or injections, there is a link between continuous steroid use and infertility in men.

Most androgenic-anabolic steroids are derivatives of the male s e x hormone known as Testosterone. This male s e x hormone in its natural state helps develop the male s e x organ amongst other functions.

Normal testosterone levels in the body will ensure that a person’s libido is normal while also boosting sperm production and preventing erectile dysfunction and infertility in men.

While men that have been on some form of androgenic-anabolic steroid may experience testicle shrinkage, low s e x drive, erectile dysfunction, low sperm production, and even infertility, these side effects are often reversible.

These side effects tend to go away after a person has stopped using steroids. Still, these side effects may be irreversible in some cases, and a visit to a male reproductive clinic would become necessary to resolve the problem.

This post examines the link between the use of Steroid Medication like Testosterone and infertility in men. But first, we begin with a brief insight into how natural Testosterone and popular anabolic steroids online affect men’s fertility.

What is Natural Testosterone?

Natural Testosterone is produced in both men and women. However, this male s e x hormone production is more predominant in men, and the testes are where this hormone is mainly produced. However, the adrenal glands are known to have minute amounts of this hormone as well.

The testosterone hormone is responsible for developing male s e x organs, including the p*nis, testicles, and prostate. Testosterone also helps develop male traits, such as; a healthy bone and skeletal muscle structure and the growth of both facial and body hairs.

When it comes to fertility in men, Testosterone is needed to produce sperm. Without normal testosterone levels, a man’s sperm production would be less than sufficient to impregnate the opposite sex. With low testosterone levels, a man would experience erectile dysfunction, Low Libido, and s e x drive.

What Anabolic Steroids Online and Medications are available for Treating Low Testosterone 

Testosterone enanthate is a synthetic form of Testosterone and one of the anabolic steroids online available and ideal for testosterone replacement therapy (a treatment procedure for hypogonadism or low testosterone levels).

Low natural Testosterone leading to infertility issues in men is also known to be treated with fertility injections, pituitary hormones (hCG), and other medications, such as; letrozole and clomiphene citrate.

Testosterone enanthate is an androgenic-anabolic steroid that bodybuilders use in both their cutting and bulking training programs. Test as this steroid is often called will increase your T levels by suppressing the production of natural Testosterone by your testicles. This can lead to testicular atrophy or shrinkage.

The Test is one anabolic steroid online that can help restore normal T levels by reducing body weight. Being obese or overweight has been linked with low testosterone levels and, subsequently, erectile dysfunction, low libido, decreased sperm production, and infertility.

This is why testosterone enanthate is recommended in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). However, continuous use of Test Steroid Medicine can also be counterproductive, suppressing natural testosterone production.

Using Tests over a prolonged period is known to decrease the follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH, leading to reduced sperm production.

This is why post-cycle therapy is often recommended after a Test cycle to help male users restore their natural testosterone production level and mitigate against infertility concerns.

Testosterone Therapy Effects

There are several risks involved with testosterone replacement therapy using anabolic steroids online, such as; testosterone enanthate. Other than a reduction in FSH and sperm production, as mentioned above, some of the different testosterone steroid injection side effects include;

  • Acne: Men on testosterone replacement therapy using testosterone enanthate are likely to have a high propensity to acne and other similar forms of skin reaction.
  • Sleep apnea: A worse case of sleep apnea may be experienced by men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by irregular breathing patterns when a person sleeps. The person’s breathing may stop and start at repeated intervals which may potentially be life-threatening.
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Testosterone replacement therapy can lead to a person’s prostate growing in size. Although this growth is benign (i.e., non-cancerous), it is still a cause for concern.
  • Prostate Cancer: Testosterone replacement therapy can stimulate the rapid growth of a pre-existing malignant tumor or cancer of the prostate.

Testosterone Steroid Infertility Treatment

The connection between low T levels and infertility is not in doubt. This is why in treating this problem, the aim is first to increase the patient’s testosterone levels.

One of the steroids for sale online that can restore normal testosterone levels is the testosterone enanthate. Though these steroid injection side effects, as mentioned earlier, can be a bother, Test is still one of the best remedies for driving up T levels.

When the T levels are up, then sperm production will also improve. With a man’s sperm production back to normal, he would be able to father a child. Low T levels are also linked with erectile dysfunction, a decreased s e x drive, and libido.

By increasing T levels using Test, one of the best anabolic steroids online for testosterone replacement therapy, patients will no longer have erectile dysfunction. At the same time, they enjoy an increase in their libido and s e x drive.

The factors that contribute to infertility include; erectile dysfunction, low libido/s e x drive, and low sperm production. With testosterone replacement therapy, these factors are adequately eliminated from the equation.


It must be mentioned that the misuse and abuse of anabolic steroids online by men, especially when no form of guidance was sought from a professional trainer or doctor, can ultimately result in infertility in these men.

However, in most cases, this infertility problem may be resolved with testosterone replacement therapy involving the use of testosterone enanthate, Anabolic Steroids Online available on top steroids for sale e-pharmacies and e-stores.

It is advisable to visit a male reproductive health clinic or see a specialist if you are experiencing any infertility issues. A blood test to check for your testosterone level can be conducted, amongst other difficulties. The specialist would also decide on the testosterone replacement therapy program that would be best for you.

Your doctor would prescribe the right medication for testosterone replacement therapy. You can be sure of using genuine drugs to get your T levels back to normal and improve your reproductive health.

Test and other anabolic steroids online are also available in their purest form on top e-pharmacy sites like, where you can purchase 100% authentic Test and other associated products.