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There are various styles of mirrors used to decorate contemporary bathrooms and living spaces. One of the many alternatives is a frameless mirror, which imparts a sleek and stylish look to the whole set-up. Particularly when it comes to the futuristic interior designing, it’s a popular pick— all thanks to its sophisticated and artsy vibe, not to mention the perception of more space when placed in an otherwise constricted area.

The modern interior design of minimalism

Minimalism is a relatively new but fast-growing concept in the circles of interior design. It has been used extensively in the last ten years to portray a modern aesthetic of decor. The idea of minimalism is to have clutter-free homes that are clean, orderly having simple and bare work surfaces, modest decor and definitely no ornaments.

Some might perceive minimalist homes as a bit drab, futuristic, and a cold designing style that is unlived and therefore, unappealing. Still, the place can be absolutely gorgeous if sleek and contemporary modelling principles are appropriately implemented.

In minimalist homes, just like art, less is certainly more when it comes to selecting a mirror. Whether it is for dressing, reflecting light or simply as a piece of artwork, jazzy framed mirrors are best avoided. Ideally speaking, an all glass mirror works the best for the minimalist home arrangements.

It is pretty prevalent in high designs, particularly in larger washrooms that borderless mirrors tend to occupy all the space above the basin on the wall— from the head of the backslash all to nearly up to the ceiling, and seldom horizontally across the wall. However, their simple and minimalistic design not only offers the finest reflection, but it also imparts the contemporary look to the bathroom or a dressing space it is installed in.

Since these are crafted out of a large and single pane high-quality glass sheet, frameless mirrors can be a bit expensive to procure.

Frameless supplements grace and shine.

Frameless supplements grace and shine

Frameless mirrors tend to add a dash of grace and illumination to the spaces they are installed in. Especially by adding the LED lighting feature, they can truly brighten the whole area.

Quality glass framed mirrors built for washrooms are specially lined at the back and corners to help them hold up against heat and moisture coming from your sauna and shower. This is done to prevent the mirror from absorbing mist and humidity. You might end up paying more for good quality and adequately sealed all-glass mirror, but when it comes to performance, you’ll get what you’re spending for.

You must ensure that your recently procured bathroom mirror has the functionality mentioned above to prevent observing its degradation with fog and that too within a short period— especially, considering the investment that went into it. Make sure to communicate at the time of purchase itself that your frameless mirrors are going to be vulnerable to humidity and moisture, and they must be appropriately sealed.

Secondly, borderless mirrors are much simpler to maintain than framed equivalents because there are no crevices, and the dust can’t collect. The edges, however, are a bit sharper, so be extra careful during the regular cleaning ritual. You can also go for the ‘curved corners’ to avoid the problem altogether.

Customized functionality

Customized functionality

One of the biggest USP of frameless mirrors is they can suit any decor in any room as you no longer need to think about the colour and the style of the frame that complements your interiors.

However, the correct proportions are still significant. Since a borderless mirror is cut out of a large panel of glass, it can be easily moulded into the form and measurements of your choice. Always bear in mind, a mirror that is too large might appear intimidating while a too-small variant, on the other hand, would appear dwarfed— choose wisely.

Types of Frameless Wall Mirror

Types of Frameless Wall Mirror

Bevelled frameless mirrors can be purchased in either square, round, triangular, oval, or even hexagonal shapes. Many choices that complement retro and minimalistic decor come in some unusual shapes too. Some of the frameless mirrors would have more than one bevelled edges for an added impact.

Here are a few options that are hugely popular amongst the admirers of minimalistic contemporary set-ups.

Rectangular frameless wall mirror

Rectangular frameless wall mirror

A rectangular wall mirror is available in a range of sizes covering all possible dimensions. Often the large frameless wall mirrors are used to cover entire wall spaces which can help bring a lot of daylight into a room, especially if these are placed in a direction where natural sunlight is reflected.

The best places to put them are hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, or even above the fireplaces.

Circular shaped frameless wall mirror

Circular shaped frameless wall mirror

Borderless round mirrors are another popular option, which you might have come across in several modern households. The primary reason behind the growing demand is their artistic shape that manages to elevate the interior decor of the space they are placed in.

A perfect way to get innovative while adding elegance to your room is to use several round mirrors of the same or different dimensions to create beautiful wall patterns.

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