Improving Efficiency in The Locum Staffing Industry: What to Expect from Locum Tenens Staffing Agencies


As a healthcare worker, partnering with a locum tenens staffing agency can provide you flexibility and variety in your career. Locum tenens agencies play an integral role in connecting providers like nurse practitioners, physicians, and other clinicians to healthcare organizations in need of temporary coverage for vacancies. However, to ensure providers have a positive locum tenens experience, agencies must focus on efficiency and personalized service.

With increasing demand from healthcare facilities for temporary providers, locum tenens agencies that streamline their processes and prioritize provider satisfaction will be best positioned to fill openings quickly. This benefits both healthcare organizations needing to fill gaps in care as well as providers seeking rewarding locum tenens opportunities.

When choosing a locum tenens agency to work with, you should look for one that values efficiency and personalized support. Here is what you should expect from a locum tenens agency focused on efficiency and individualized attention to providers’ needs:

Streamlined Onboarding

Reputable agencies make getting hired frustration-free.

  • Minimal paperwork and e-signatures simplify and accelerate the onboarding process.
  • Automated background checks and credentialing remove delays so you start working sooner.
  • A welcoming, supportive onboarding sets the stage for a great partnership.

Clear Communication

You need ongoing transparent communication and a personalized locum tenens approach for a successful placement.

  • Written confirmation of all assignment logistics removes ambiguity.
  • Account managers available through your preferred communication channels.
  • Quick resolution of any concerns and regular updates on progress.

Provider-Focused Matching

  • The best agencies match you to facilities you’ll enjoy working in.
  • They note your preferences for location, duties, facility types, scheduling, etc.
  • Placements suit your skills, experience level, and preferences.
  • Accommodations are made when possible to keep you happy.

Embrace of Technology

Efficiency-focused agencies utilize technology to benefit you.

  • Self-service online scheduling portals allow you to easily indicate your availability for upcoming periods. This simplifies the process of aligning your schedule with potential assignments.
  • Automated matching algorithms can instantly identify the best openings suited for your skills, experience level, location preferences, and other attributes. This removes manual time and effort.
  • Fast online license/credential verification eliminates paperwork and accelerates your placement. Digital payment options like direct deposit simplify receiving your locum tenens income.
  • User-friendly mobile apps enable you to manage your schedule, communicate with your account manager, and complete any necessary paperwork from your smartphone.
  • Data analytics help agencies understand indicators of successful locum tenens placements and refine their matching process over time. This benefits you as placements become more personalized.
  • Digital record-keeping and reporting streamlines necessary processes like time tracking, billing, and regulatory/compliance functions.

Personalized Support

While leveraging technology, agencies still provide a personal touch.

  • A dedicated account manager who knows you and your needs.
  • Recognition of your achievements and assignment milestones.
  • Understanding you as an individual, not just a warm body.

Locum tenens agencies focused on efficiency maximize their ability to connect you to facilities needing temporary providers. You benefit from fast placements tailored to your preferences and strengths. With streamlined processes, clear communication, and personalized support, your locum tenens experience is efficient and satisfying.

Partnering with the right locum tenens agency can help you find rewarding temporary positions that advance your career goals. But not all agencies prioritize provider experience and efficient processes. Look for an agency that simplifies paperwork, automates and accelerates credentialing, provides dedicated account managers, and takes the time to understand you as an individual.

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