Improving Home Safety The Right Way


Home safety should always be top of mind for families. Not only should one keep their property secure from burglary, but they must also make sure their children don’t wander off unsupervised.

Assuring your home security doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Here are a few quick and simple strategies for making it safer. And you can always go for home warranty policies like here:

Fireproof your home

Although no home can ever be completely fireproof, taking some simple measures can significantly increase its chance of surviving a wildfire and provide more time for you and your loved ones to escape and limit any loss or damage sustained to the structure.

Step one of fireproofing your home involves applying passive protection. This involves altering both landscape and building materials; for example, adding double-paned windows which offer more resistance against heat and flames is one option; you could also cover vents like those found at soffit and gable end vents with 1/8-inch wire mesh as an added precaution against flying embers; you could even consider covering chimneys with similar protective materials for maximum effectiveness.

Next, it is crucial that you implement active fire protection by making changes to your landscape to create “fuel breaks”. In risk zones, dead trees and shrubs should be removed by a tree removal service in Tampa, along with large trees kept at least 30 feet from structures and avoided at all costs; hedges pose the greatest danger due to their potential to easily catch fire and explode.

Keep your medications locked up

Every year thousands of children are hospitalized and even die after taking medication not theirs. Children may gain access to medicine bottles, purses or bags that contain medicines, or steal them from nightstands or bathroom cabinets of parents. Parents should educate their children and teens on the proper use and storage of medicine by asking a trusted adult for medication when necessary; then store medications out of sight in a locked cabinet, lockable box or locked cabinet until needed again – these rules should also be passed along among family, friends or houseguests visiting for the duration of their stay in our country!

Home security basics such as doorbell cameras, alarm systems, and locks on their doors and windows may be familiar to most people; however, not everyone considers how they should store medications – an integral component to ensure home safety that can prevent suicide attempts, drug misuse by children or adults within their household, drug dealers or thieves from accessing medicines that should remain safely stored away.

Don’t leave your firearms unattended

Unattended guns left lying around can easily be stolen or used against family members, becoming accessible to children who shouldn’t have access to firearms in the first place. Gun safety laws mandate that firearms should be locked up or stored safely so that they cannot be taken by people without legal right.

There are countless sources of domestic accidents, which often require medical care visits. Each year in the US alone there are over 2.5 million preventable injuries in homes; many of these could be avoided simply by performing regular inspections of one’s own home and taking precautionary measures.

Local fire stations and home improvement stores can offer information and checklists to ensure home safety, while many communities host first aid/CPR courses that teach people how to respond in emergency situations. Therefore, creating a home emergency plan is critical in helping families understand how to react during an evacuation and stay together as a family unit.

Create a home emergency plan

Create and update a home emergency plan is an essential rule that every member of the household should abide by. A customized emergency plan should address each aspect of your house such as primary exit points, windows, rooms, fastest routes and nearby meeting spots for an emergency meeting spot. Furthermore, each person in the household should know who’s responsible for getting their emergency kit ready; calling 911 when necessary or performing head counts at emergency meeting places.

Make sure that the family is equipped with easy access to phone numbers of police, fire, hospitals, poison control helplines and trusted out-of-area contacts who could provide additional help in an emergency. Likewise, update this emergency contact list periodically as family members and jobs change.

Enhancing home safety may not always be straightforward, but it should always be top of mind for every homeowner. Following the above-listed advice can significantly lower the risk of accidents or emergencies; making an effort toward this end well worth your while!


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