Improving Quality Control on a Shop Floor


Running a shop floor takes a lot of thought and hard work. After all, there’s much to consider, such as time management, efficiency, and, of course, quality control. Quality control, in particular, is something you want to focus on, as producing a higher quality product will improve your reputation and number of sales. So, you’re looking to increase your profits, here’s how manufacturers improve quality control.

Know Your Standards

Your first step is to set the standards that everyone follows. Without a level to reach, the quality control may drop for numerous reasons, including staff wanting to save time by rushing a process. So, make your standards clear and ensure everyone knows that there isn’t any wiggle room.

Buy from the Best

A simple and highly effective way to improve the quality of your products is by buying from excellent suppliers. For example, if you are looking for nameplates, Metal Marker Mfg. uses a quality management system to ensure each product sent matches your exact needs. When you buy from the best, your product becomes the best.

Hire Excellent Staff

Manufacturers instantly improve quality control by hiring great staff. That’s easier said than done, though, especially if you find you have a high turnover rate. To ensure you build a team of hard-working, talented individuals, take your time during the interviewing and onboarding process, look into the candidate’s work history, and offer trials.

Use Efficient Technology

Technology can really help move things along on a shop floor. Not only that but using better, more efficient equipment will even improve the quality of the products. It’s a win-win – not only do you save time, but you also work to improve your profits. Consider using effective software tools, too, like collaboration and payroll software to help speed processes along.

Train, Train, Train

No matter how great an employee is, there is always room for improvement, and that is where training comes in. You can look around for training programs that specifically focus on quality control, but you should train them in other areas, too. Remember – the more your team knows, the better their work will be.

Maintain Your Equipment

No matter how great your manufacturing equipment was when first purchased, it can break down over time, affecting the overall quality of your products. Of course, that is the last thing you want, which is why maintaining your equipment must be high on the list of priorities. Ensure the team never misses any part of maintenance, even if the equipment seems to be working fine.

Prioritize Cleanliness

As well as maintenance, you must also focus on keeping the shop floor clean and tidy. A disorganized, unclean space can seriously harm the outcome of your products, so it’s crucial you stick to a cleaning schedule and perform clear-outs regularly.

Better quality control can greatly improve your manufacturing business. So, look after the equipment, build a great team, and focus on quality to ensure the company boosts sales and maintains an excellent reputation.

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