In contact with nature and natural materials


There is more and more focus on what children have contact with in relation to materials in toys, outdoor play stands, and playgrounds. Read here and get an insight into natural materials that are good for you, your children, grandchildren, and nature in general.

A playground in the spirit of nature

Playgrounds inspire children and give them space for free play, development and creativity. At you can explore their large range of wooden and natural playgrounds, which are good for nature and to create a connection between child, and nature in the form of the natural materials that have been used to make the various play equipment and racks for a natural playground.

Kompan’s mission is to create natural playgrounds that are nature-inspired, to contribute to children being united with nature in the form of materials that are made of nature’s best materials for you, your children, and the environment. These nice natural playgrounds must help to give the playful children a play environment with space to do exactly what they want, and what children are best at – namely exploring their creativity and physique in connection with play.

Fitness equipment for outdoor use – without compromising on the material.

If you do not have children or do not need a natural playground in natural materials, then you can also on their website get outdoor fitness as well as multisports equipment, which is also made out of the finest wood.

Kompan has a comprehensive range of everything from fitness solutions to cross-training. They have everything the heart desires when it comes to outdoor activity. So if you are considering investing in exercise equipment while wanting to do something good for the environment and yourself, and do not want to compromise on material choices, then take a look at their website where you can explore their large assortment.

Benefits of being active outdoors

It is a great benefit for your mental and physical health to exercise outside – whether it is with fitness equipment, cardio, or that you and your kids are burning energy off on the playground. It is important to get out and get the body moving, as well as fresh air helps to improve heart rate and blood pressure. It will be the perfect investment to invest in outdoor equipment or a natural playground, which is made of the best materials that have much higher durability than, for example, plastic, so you can get more pleasure from being outdoors.




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