Increasing Home Value: 10 Easy Home Upgrades You’ll Love


Have you been dreaming of upgrading your home?

Perhaps your kitchen resembles one from the sixties with outdated appliances and floral wallpaper. Or, maybe the carpeting in your living room isn’t exactly working out well with your new four-legged friend.

The good news is that updating your home doesn’t have to be so expensive or stressful. In fact, the best home upgrades are those that are wallet-friendly and won’t force you to relocate from your home for a month’s worth of renovations.

If you’re looking for some points on quick and easy home upgrades, you’ve come to the right place. We’re showing the ten most simple and effective upgrades that each and every homeowner can start today!

1. Hello, Paint! 

It sounds simple, but freshening your home with a new coat of paint is one of the best means of transforming an entire home.

Are your walls outfitted in an old-fashioned and tacky wallpaper? Or, maybe that off-beige paint throughout is no longer as appealing as it once was. Either way, opting for a fresh coat of paint can allow a house to feel brand spanking new.

Not exactly sure where to go with paint colors? To keep it simple, try painting your walls a degree of white. From here, you can decorate with pops of color or even opt for an accent wall of patterned wallpaper.

2. A Toast to Crown Molding 

If you’re looking to take your newfound walls to the next level, why not opt for crown molding?

This is a simple way to make any room feel more finished and appear slightly more classy. Fortunately, there are various types of crown molding that can allow a room to feel more modern or even add character to any historical home.

3. It’s Finally Time for New Appliances 

Of course, splurging on new appliances for your home can be costly.

But, when it comes to resale, the majority of buyers are going to be willing to pay more for a home with updated appliances. While it may be a pricy upgrade, it’s certainly an investment that is bound to pay off in the future.

Remember, if you buy your appliances in a set, you’re all the more likely to score a deal!

4. Ode to New Hardware and Light Fixtures 

Who knew that replacing your hardware and the lighting fixtures in your home could modernize it so effortlessly?

Try exchanging anything from doorknobs from Internal Doors UK and cabinet pulls to ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. Although simple, these are simple upgrades that nearly any homeowner can commit to.

In swapping out the old for the new, you’re giving your home the chance to look and feel entirely different.

5. Goodbye, Carpeting 

If your house is feeling stuck in the sixties with all of the carpeting, it’s time for a flooring upgrade!

The good news is that swapping out the flooring in your home doesn’t have to be such a complicated job. With a few tips and tricks, the average homeowner today could more than likely handle the installation of new flooring such as hardwood.

Not only will hardwood floors look fantastic, but they’re also going to positively impact the resale of your home. In fact, 99 percent of real estate agents maintain that homes with hardwood flooring are easier to sell than homes without.

6. It’s Time for a Window Upgrade 

How long have you had those same old windows?

Swapping out old windows for new can have a profound impact on your home. In fact, a simple window upgrade could allow your home to appear more contemporary and even make your home more eco-friendly.

Of course, upgrading your windows doesn’t have to mean replacing them altogether. Instead, homeowners can opt for an upgrade by tinting house windows instead. With this, you can choose from decorative tinting and security tinting to solar and UV tinting.

7. Enhance Your Curb Appeal 

Did you know that people gain their impression of a person or an object in one-tenth of a second?

When it comes to your home, it’s important to remind yourself that your home’s exterior is the first impression of your home. The curb appeal of your home is the first impression that friends, family and future buyers will have on your home. In a way, this makes the exterior of your home the most important element of the home altogether.

So, why not enhance the curb appeal of your home with a new front door? This is a simple means of transforming the exterior of your home and making a strong first impression.

8. Give Your Cabinets a Makeover

Let’s face it, kitchen renovations are incredibly expensive.

This is why so many homeowners opt to refresh their kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them altogether. In many cases, this can be as simple as sanding, painting and adding a seal to your existing cabinets.

This is a simple way to modernize and refresh an entire kitchen.

9. Freshen up Your Backsplash

An outdated kitchen backsplash is a fast way to make any home feel old and unfashionable.

No matter how much you scrub an outdated backsplash, it’s a challenge for the kitchen to look as fresh and sparkling as you’d like.

So, why not swap out your old backsplash for something new and contemporary? With this, you can liven up your kitchen with a bold pattern or you can opt for something simple like subway tiling.

10. Get Smart 

It’s time to finally join the modern world and get smart!

Adding smart technology to your home is going to make your life easier and decrease your monthly utility costs. This is also something that is going to majorly appeal to prospective buyers in the future.

Installing smart technology could be anything from a programmable thermostat and smart lightbulbs to programmable appliances and smart speakers. Whether you opt for one or for all, your home is sure to benefit incredibly.

Easy Home Upgrades for Any Homeowner

With the right planning and some elbow grease, you can be well onto your way with upgrading your home. The good news is that you don’t have to an expert DIY’er or take out a loan to do so.

If you’re feeling inspired to better your home, why not start with these easy home upgrades? With this, you can look forward to bettering your home and increasing the resale value down the line.

Go on, it’s time to get started!

Are you always on the hunt for housing and real estate investing tips? If so, be sure to check out our posts on steps to follow for investing in real estate.

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