India and real money games: rewinding 2021

2021 saw a huge shift of focus for the consumers from casual gaming to something more deep. How did it happen? Read more

India was one of the pioneers when it comes to mobile games and their markers. The revenue numbers yielded usually didn’t reflect the impact that the online games made through usage in India. If we look back into the last year, we can reflect on one of the major shifts in the kind of games people used to engage in India. Things are taking a huge turn as the revenue of Google Play Store and App Store has improved significantly. One significant explanation for the shift is that customers’ gaming preferences have changed and they need a move on from casual games to something productive and gives them a broader experience by allowing them real time communication. It is predicted that more monetization and in-app purchases will happen in the upcoming years.

Outside ordinary games

During 2021, people began to reinvent their gaming preferences based on the kind of impact they had on their life outside the aesthetic pleasure. They needed something beyond casual gaming which made them engaging and tried to go further through games that involved real money and real communication. Multi players games became so advanced and people started to spend more time with games that involved interactions and money transactions. Real money games have made the highest impact among all other genres in our country. It is estimated that around 51 % of the whole revenue of our country came from real money games with a profit of $1.8 billion in 2021.

There are different kinds of real money games that are popular to the people of India through the internet. It includes a wide variety of casino games that are available in the numerous number of casinos available in the market. The online casino gaming market is a very challenging one, with numerous online casinos working hard to provide its customers with the finest gaming ultimate experience. They had to do something appealing inorder to attract more people into their casinos over other competitors.

Providing a few online casino games such as Slots, Blackjack, and Poker does not appeal to everyone and according to the latest stats, the need for variety among casino games have changed significantly and the Indian casino markets began to introduce more interesting real money games like Andar Bahar.

Why Is Andar Bahar Becoming More Popular?

One of the main reasons for the acceptance of this online game is it’s simple gameplay. The Indian casino market used to be dominated by games like Teen Patti and it’s other versions. There are thousands of other casino games available over the internet, but the casinos are adamant about Andar Bahar because of the possible threat it can cause to its competitors.

Another key factor that has contributed to the rise in prominence of Andar Bahar is Indian players’ acquaintance with the games. They find it relatively easy to engage in games that they are familiar with. Andar Bahar is an Indian classic game and when it was reintroduced to the online platform, people began to shift their focus into this highly popular casino game. Following the growth in prominence of online casino gambling in the nation, there’s no question that Andar Bahar will start to develop rapidly in the future years.