Indian Clothing for Grooms


Grooms are the most important part of any wedding. They are the ones who will be walking down the aisle, standing next to their brides and making sure that everything goes perfectly on their special day. The groom wears a lot of different outfits at different stages of the wedding such as white sherwani and black suit but when it comes to wearing an Indian outfit, it is not just limited to grooms anymore. Nowadays men also like to wear ethnic outfits which makes them stand out from other people during any event or occasion in India.


A Sherwani is a long coat, usually with a collarless neckline that can be worn by men. It was traditionally made of silk and brocade fabrics but nowadays it’s also made from cotton or other material like polyester. The origin of the sherwani is believed to have come from Lucknow (Lakhnau), an important city in India during British rule. At that time, this outfit was also called a “shurwal,” which means “clothing of the kings.” Today, it’s worn by all types of people in India on special occasions such as weddings, parties and festivals.

Indo Western Sherwani

Indo Western Sherwani is a combination of a sherwani and a western suit. The Indo-western sherwani has been designed by combining the traditional Indian outfit with western style. The Indo-western sherwani is one of the most popular choices for wedding ceremonies, especially in India and Pakistan.

The design of this dress consists of an upper half that resembles that of a kurta pajama or kurta, paired with pants or trousers that look like those worn in Europe or America. The embroidery work on these dresses can be seen everywhere on its surface including necklines, sleeves and all over the body as well as at the back side of its body too!


A turban is a long scarf that is wrapped around the head and tied at the back. It’s traditionally worn by men in India on special occasions, like weddings. Turbans are made of cotton or silk.


Mojdi, which is also known as the mocha, is a traditional Indian outfit that is worn in the winter season. It has been adopted by many communities across India. The Mojdi has a loose design and can be easily paired with a kurta or Churidar pyjamas. You can wear this traditional outfit on your wedding day or during parties and events too!

Grooms can also look their best with the wedding outfit for men.

The groom can also look his best with the wedding outfit for men. There are a variety of options available for the groom, including a shirt, trousers and turban combination or an Indo-western sherwani. The groom can also choose to wear traditional Indian clothing as per their choice. It is advisable that they select a style that compliments their body shape while keeping in mind comfort levels as well.


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