Indoor Games That Will Surely Make Your Weekends Fun

Whether the weather is ugly enough to keep you indoors or if you are simply bored out of your skull, some indoor games are a perfect remedy for your weekend blahs. Indoor games are often overlooked, but require enough focus and skill to make the hours fly by and you will really enjoy that time spent with family and friends.

Here are a few suggestions on indoor games you should play in the upcoming weekend.

Throw Your Cares Away

While most people associate throwing darts with dingy dive bars, dartboards in the home equal to instant fun. Frustrated with a project? Go throw some darts. Got some upsetting news? Go throw some darts. Want to start a new family tradition of the “never-ending” tournament? Go throw some darts. It’s an easy game to learn and can be played at any time of day or night. Having it at your home makes it affordable and in a safe environment. If you are going to buy a dartboard for home use, here are the 5 Things To Consider Before Buying a Dartboard.

Deal Out Some Strategy


Card games are often overlooked and are a great rainy afternoon solution. Spades, Bridge, UNO, Rummy, and all sorts of games can be played and relieve any boredom you are experiencing. You can even revisit your childhood and play some War or Go Fish.

Grab The Board When You Get Bored

Board games are an excellent way to spend an afternoon indoors. Monopoly may have the reputation of taking forever, but you can play a shorter version or do the regular version and make a day of wheeling and dealing. Sorry is a fan favorite to show your true feelings on who you will throw under the bus. The clue is a fun murder mystery that gets you using critical thinking skills that keep your mind sharp. Speaking of keeping your mind sharp, Scrabble is a great game to play to exercise the brain and flaunt your intelligence.

Solve The Puzzle

If you want to really think hard about solutions, putting a puzzle together is an excellent way for friends and family to work together to find a solution. If puzzles are a little more daunting for you, puzzle books may be more your speed. Sudoku, crosswords, word finds, and cryptograms are some of the most popular puzzles to enjoy that will keep you on your toes.

Revisit Your Childhood With Action Games

Physical games are sometimes the best ones. Not only do they pass the time, make you laugh and smile, but it also gets you moving and releases endorphins that are healthy for your body. Think of things like Simon Says, Hide ‘N Seek, Musical Chairs, Scavenger Hunt, Hot Potato, and Marbles are perfect action games. Think you have to have kids at home to play? No way! Play anyway and enjoy it. Or you can turn them into drinking games.

Indoor games should be a staple in every home. It’s a great way to connect with your friends and family members and strengthen your relationships. When the weather is unfavorable, you can have instant entertainment that keeps you busy and away from the television. When nothing else seems enjoyable, an indoor game can save your day. What is your favorite indoor game to play?