Inexpensive and Delicious Catering Ideas for Your Wedding


It’s your wedding day. Everything has to be perfect. Not necessarily in the sense that every napkin has to be folded a certain way–although if that’s what you want, that’s fine. It has to be perfect for you. If you want something small and intimate, be sure to exude that vibe and atmosphere. If you want a grand ball with everyone you know inside a massive dome, then, by all means, get that done. But no matter what, nothing expresses your creativity and preparation quite like the food. The best part about food is that it can leave a lasting impression without being incredibly expensive. Here are some catering ideas that will have people thinking about that meal for years to come.

Street Food

Instead of having the whole shrimp cocktail and tiny crackers being passed around, appetizers and hors d’oeuvres are a perfect way to mix things up. Why not bring what everyone has been craving, straight to your wedding. What do we think when we purposefully don’t eat a lot because the food is trash? “Let’s find a food truck.” People all over the world are choosing street food catering over the usual boring plates. You have actual creative chefs that can pitch their ideas. You can let the cooks cook and cook well, too. Wouldn’t you rather have people enjoying a plate of fresh oysters and steamed buns? It’s so much more exciting. It’s great for casual and intimate gatherings as well as larger-scale weddings. All you need to do is dress it up or dress it down. The food is amazing, regardless.

Travel Recipes

We all love to travel. We love to hop on that plane and wake up in an entirely new land. There’s nothing more exciting than making little discoveries while on a trip to someplace you’re not familiar with. Most of those discoveries are food. We have these memories in our heads and pics on our phones. Why not recreate that discovery at your wedding? You get to share your happiest times abroad with the people you love. They’re all familiar with the stories. They’ve all seen the social media posts. But if there’s anything you can give your guests that they’ll appreciate, it’s a tangible piece of your favorite dishes from your favorite spot on the globe.

Fresh Ceviche or Poke

Fresh fare doesn’t have to be a veggie platter. That’s for office parties and meant to be forgotten in the breakroom. Fresh can be lively. Fresh can be spicy. Take ceviche, for example. If you’re not familiar with it, ceviche is fresh fish steeped in acids like lime and vinegar and served with diced herbs. There’s a variation of it in every coastal nation. Or you can play with the visuals on raw fish. Take poke and place it next to Cebuano Kinilaw. The stark contrast of red and white and different flavor profiles will blow people’s minds. Serve the poke with white rice and the kinilaw with red rice.


All these fun little variations will leave your guest satisfied and happy. Keep the drinks flowing and the Ubers on deck, they’ll be asking when the next party is going to be.

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