Inexpensive Art Ideas for Your Home

A beautiful home interior doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay lots of money. Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity, idea, and time. In this article, we are going to show you some cool ideas and recommendations on how to decorate your home interior if you are low on budget. From inexpensive ready-to-hang products, you can buy online or in a local store, to elaborate and awesome do-it-yourself solutions.

Purchase Canvas Art

Do not want to spend time thinking too much about your home interior? The best and easiest way to refresh any room and add your personal touch is by hanging wall decoration. You can choose among prints, canvases, and posters. While posters are simply a piece of paper you can go and print out yourself, canvases appear as a better choice. Posters can still look cool, especially if there are lots of them and they are united by the same theme.

But we will dwell on canvases. There are lots of sizes and formats, themes, and color combinations of canvases. Among the obvious pros are the naturality of the product (it is made of the canvas itself and a wooden frame which they use to stretch a canvas), low and easy maintenance, and the vibrancy of colors. Besides, such a wall decoration gives a character and a focal point in a room and it is able to refresh the whole atmosphere with its colors. Depending on what you choose, it can give your room a sense of spaciousness and depth.

What about themes and budget? Plenty of themes and the option to order a canvas with your own art or photos, make this kind of wall decor the most popular and durable. The most popular themes are landscapes and cityscapes, especially panoramic formats, minimalist and abstract pieces that look awesome in any interior style. If you are looking for something to interact with, a world map that you can check at the TexelPrintArt store is a great choice. Different color combinations and the ability to pin your future or previous travels make it a real display of your wanderlust experience.

Many of you think that canvas is really expensive. It is not quite right. Small sizes are always cheaper. So if you want to decorate your home with something unique but inexpensive, this is a way to go. Sometimes a single canvas hanging on a wall on a leaned on mantel looks way better than the oversized multi-panel print covering the whole wall. The key is balance, proportion, and creativity.

Go for DIY

What could be even cheaper than a product made by your own hands? If you have plenty of time and are eager to find a new hobby or simply change your daily routine, a DIY is a good way to do it. This is a way to create something by yourself and decorate your home with a truly unique piece. Who knows, maybe a little hobby of yours could grow into a passion of your life.

Try Fluid Art

Fluid art is a relatively inexpensive way to spend your weekend creatively and bring a one-of-a-kind piece of art to your home. All you need is a canvas and several paints. Consult the color wheel for your artwork’s scheme to be cohesive and match your home interior. You can find lots of instructions on how to make your artwork – get inspired and grab the tools.

Design A Lace Wall Art

Well, this is something unique and special that not so many people are aware of. Lace art is an elegant decoration that you could do on your own. It is an awesome addition to a vintage or retro interior but still could be used in a contemporary room as well.

Renovate Your Old Furniture

Furniture is a visually massive object in the interior. If you do not like the way your room feels, try to change the style of the furniture. Take that old cabinet and paint a pattern or simply change the handles. You will see how the whole atmosphere in a room starts to feel – changed and revived.

Paper Shapes

This is a project you can do with your children. An easy and fun way to add a pop of color to your space. Just grab a variety of paper colors and cut some random shapes – triangles, circles, or line waves. Arrange it on a blank piece of paper and glue it when you are sure such as arrangement is the best. You can get this print framed.

Watercolor Artwork

Watercolor wall decoration is a nice way to bring an accent color to your interior. Mix paint with colors and apply it on canvas or paper, make an ombre or whatever you like. Just ten minutes and your artwork is ready.

Dried Flowers

If you enjoy the spring and summer blossoms, you can keep them for yourself by drying them and arranging the flowers and leaves in the frame. Pressed fresh flowers will warm your heart during winter frosts. It is a fun leisure activity to do with kids.


Flowers, butterflies, floral motifs, or abstract shapes cut from paper and arranged in a frame add depth to your interior. There are lots of free templates and files you could download and start creating your masterpiece.

Minimalist Embroidery in a Hoop

Lots of embroidery patterns and templates are there for you to make the outmost of it. If you’d like to try a new hobby and display the result, embroidery is a fun way to do so. From flora to realistic painting prints.

Be Creative with What You Already Have

This is not the news that everything could become a piece of art. You can turn your old woven baskets into a beautiful arrangement that greets your guests in a living room or entrance.

Use Plates

Have lots of vintage plates in your cabinet? It is time to give them a second life by arranging a composition and hanging them on the wall. It is a creative and free decorative solution for a dining area or kitchen.

Spoon Display

Arrange the wooden kitchen spoons in a row, and sort them by color and their visual value. pay attention to the shapes and sizes, and make an ombre of wooden art right from the things you already have in your possession.

Flowers of Wallpaper

Using wallpaper remnants is a good solution for recycling and giving the second chance to a material. Trace and cut petals and pinch them together to form a blooming flower. This is a good decoration for a kid’s room or a playground.

Books Display

Books are usually stored on shelves, you do not see their cover, only a small part of it. But you can arrange the display of your favorite books by placing each of them individually. Leave several open to give depth to the space.

Invite the Outdoors In

Bring a piece of nature to your apartment by installing shelves and putting potted plants on them. You could cover the whole wall and enjoy the freshness and abundance of color in a room. Choose plants that do not require special maintenance and care. Whether it is a small succulent or an exotic flora, such a decoration is bound to be your accent wall.

Now you know the variety of choices you have. Inexpensive ideas for your home will bring a part of your skills and personal touch to the interior.