Influence of Television on Pop Culture of the 2010s


If we talk about a decade where television had a complete evolution, it would be the 2010s. Throughout the decade, we saw some amazing shows beginning while there were some other amazing shows which concluded. These 10 years have changed the television media industry completely which, in result, has influenced the global pop culture as well. 

How Television Impacted Pop Culture During the 2010s?

The arrival of Streaming Networks

One of the biggest things that have increased television usage during the decade was the arrival of different types of streaming networks. These streaming networks have helped the viewers to watch their favorite tv shows at any time, thereby resolving the problem of fixed timings of tv programs. The streaming networks such as Netflix and Amazon Prime show a wide range of television programs including serials, shows, sports events, news, movies, radio broadcasts, and a range of other such programs too. 

During the 2010s when streaming networks became popular, there was a major impact on pop culture when people started to stay at homes for entertainment. The term “Netflix and Chill” became the new slang that meant simply sit at home and enjoy some shows. It also changed the popular trend of renting out DVDs as the streaming networks started to show a wide range of programs for a small fee. Today, we barely see any DVD shops around and that is only because the 2010s marked the end of DVDs and the arrival of High-Definition streaming networks.

Netflix has been one of the most popular streaming networks of the 2010s.

New Social Issues

One of the main things in the 2010s decade was that there was a shift from the conventional topics to relatively newer topics. The television series were not based on the problems that have existed generally for example income problems, social issues, unemployment, drugs, crime, and other such aspects. Rather, there was a major change and we have seen topics such as LGBTQ, Human Rights, Gang Wars, Political Influences, Intelligence, and Technological impact on the modern world. 

All of these topics have influenced the mindset of viewers and created awareness on these issues as well such as this LGBTQ flag shop. For example, in earlier times, there was not much awareness on topics like women’s rights and gay rights. With more shows being produced based on these aspects, there was an increased influence on the viewers. This is one reason why we have seen many new Non-governmental organizations and social organizations working on these societal problems. Many shows were based on real stories which created a further impact on the viewers. 

LGBTQ has become a hot subject after its inclusion in tele-media.

Virtual Classes

One major change to the pop culture of the 2010s was due to the learning platform developed with television. There were several television channels introduced during the 2010s which were particularly focused on the aspect of teaching. Virtual classes were being conducted via television channels. 

Virtual classes were conducted in many countries. There were specific time schedules on which classes were held while there were students who could engage from home-based learning. The enrolled students were then supposed to go and give their exams physically. Although it was a one-way communication as the learners could not participate, it is still considered a good model for basic and theoretical learning. 

Virtual Classes are the next big thing in the education sector.

Video Streaming Devices

With the wide-scale availability of the internet in many parts of the world, the popular culture of using cable services for access to different tv channels has reduced. Instead, the new box-based devices were introduced which allowed the users to replace the expensive cable plans and come up with a more reliable solution, provides better picture quality, and a seamless experience to watching television. 

We have seen devices like the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google’s Chromecast for the viewers. The popular culture was changed as people shifted to something more user-friendly, reliable, and provided way more features than a cable system. In fact, many of these devices also allowed the users to convert their television into an internet browser where they could search up anything, install various applications, and see more than just simple television. 

The Chromecast mini device.

The Era of Millenials

The 2010s was an era when the millennials started to participate in the acting of different types of television shows. It was the time when the industry got new people with many of them being the millennials.  Simultaneously, this was directly related to the social issues being presented on television. The millennials made their entry and not only changed the television shows, but also introduced various forms of fashion which were not there earlier. 

Comparing that with the 1980s or 1990s, the guys would never wear skin-fit pants and shirts or generally a fit-to-skin outfit. However, post-2010s, we can see that guys are more eager to follow a skin-fit dressing as it has become more appealing. One reason why this trend has emerged is that the Millennials got it introduced in the form of different shows. Fashion Police was a show that ran between 2010 and 2017 which was based on do’s and don’ts of celebrity fashion. 

Similarly, the girls’ dressing changed as well as the millennials took control. It had become more revealing while also becoming more fit to the skin. Back in the 1980s, women used to wear loose clothes with puffy shoulders and waist but in the 2010s, we saw it completely differently. This is one reason why we have seen women’s fashion change over the past decade. There wasn’t a concept of ripped jeans in either men or women, but it got introduced as the television presented a wide array of fashion models. 

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Fashion was influenced by television in the 2010s.

Dark Shows

Despite it being an era of millennials, some of the very controversial and dark subjects were now being a focal point by the producers of the tv shows. Take the example of “Game of Thrones” which was aired for almost 8 years between 2011 and 2019. Despite the main subject of the show being war against wild creatures, it shows incest, prostitution, and a situation of messed-up relationships. 

Quite oddly, this wasn’t promoted on such a huge scale on any television network in the past. Furthermore, there was a high level of nudity and scenes of sexual nature. But this wasn’t the only show that featured dark subjects to a mass audience. There have been many others too such as Black Mirror, 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, and Breaking Bad. The majority of the tv shows produced during this decade were directed towards an 18+ audience due to the controversial and adult content which is being discussed in them. 

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Game of Thrones Logo.

The Television Advancement

The picture quality has significantly increased in the last decade. From a simple 480p to 720p video, today we can see full high definition 1080p videos. Some televisions have been made so better that they present true 4K and 8K images with ultra-high-definition enhancing the viewer experience. With more companies investing and promoting the technology, the popular culture and trend of using simple television systems has become outdated, and instead, modern televisions are being used. 

Simultaneously, we saw the era of curved UHD display televisions which further enhanced the user experience. Studies have shown that the trend of tv shows has increased over the last decade which has resulted in a significant increase in the demand for television. 

This has been the decade when many restaurants have also invested in getting televisions. Clubs have followed the line too. The main reason that these businesses saw scope for television is that the sports networks and channels were constantly improving. As a result of this, there were better streaming facilities. A group of people would prefer watching a match of their favorite sport at a restaurant or a bar rather than at home. 

Television has become quite advanced post-2010s.

Female Friendship as a Hot Topic

One of the most notable things during the 2010s was that female friendship as well as how it turns negative became a hot topic. There were specific shows that were only dedicated to the topic which in return, changed how women saw their friends. Shows such as “Girls” and “Sex and the City” were aired, both of which were about women and their lives. 

The concept of a feminist friendship and a rise to the general feminist perspective of women was observed. Series like Insecure, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Shrill were focused on the different odd realities which women were facing while bearing with the hypocrisy of friendships. Creators of such shows were not only able to influence the 2010s but also aim to have these shows promoted even further such that they become useful for future generations as well. 

Female friendship has become a major subject of tv shows.


The 2010s was one fast decade and the development of television was even faster. From technological advancements to a totally odd television show, we have seen a massive change in the entire industry rather than one concept only. From simple devices to mass-scale streaming networks, the viewership has been heavily influenced. The only thing that many don’t seem to like is the presence of dark content in such a publicly available network. 

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