Injuries in young athletes

The Commission on Childhood and Adolescent Injuries of the American Society of Emergency Pediatric Medicine published a report that emphasizes that undiagnosed head injuries in young athletes lead to the risk of serious problems. Frequent head injuries can lead to chronic pain, paralysis, and even death.

Bumps and bruises after playing football or basketball are considered a positive sign of combat sports enthusiasm and high motivation of young athletes, but recent studies show that even minor traumatic brain injuries in young athletes can have serious neurological consequences.

It is absolutely necessary for sportsmen to get sufficient rest. On the rest day they don’t need to lay down all day long, they can do some light activities like swimming, walking with some nice music, or dancing.

According to the localization of injuries in athletes, injuries of the extremities are most often observed, among them damage to the joints, especially the knee and ankle are predominant. When doing gymnastics, injuries to the upper limb are more common (70% of all injuries).

Most sports are characterized by injuries of the lower extremities, for example, in athletics and skiing (66%). Injuries to the head and face are typical for boxers (65%), fingers – for basketball and volleyball players (80%), the elbow joint for tennis players (70%), the knee joint – for football players (48%), etc. Among sports injuries, as a rule, a high percentage of injuries in the moderate-severe degree.

Injuries are a difficult test for an athlete, both psychologically and physically. Even with a favorable outcome, a serious injury in many children and adolescents discourages the desire to engage in physical culture and sports. Besides, 8-10% of severe injuries result in the loss of general and athletic ability to work, i.e. lead to disability.

Gifted young athletes are forced to engage in one sport. However, according to American scientists, such specialization increases the risk of injury. The researchers analyzed more than 3,000 competitions of young tennis players and found that athletes who only play tennis are more likely to drop out of the tournament for medical reasons, due to injury.

Also, players who already had injuries or illnesses related to tennis last year were 5.4 times more frequently eliminated from the tournament for medical reasons.

The most common athletic injuries are injuries of the elbow joint. The most traumatic sports were the following: gymnastics, acrobatics, wrestling, contact, and game sports.

The results of the examination of 325 young athletes with injuries of the elbow joint area are presented. Distribution by types of fractures was as follows: external – and internal fractures in 96 patients; dislocations of the bones of the forearm in 194 patients, while in 179 cases, the dislocation combined with the separation of the internal epicondyle fracture of the condyle shoulder in 12 patients, fracture of the radial bone also in 12 patients, fracture of the olecranon in 11 patients.

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