Innovative Fun Activities That Will Pick Your Brain

Are you and your friends looking for a new type of activity that will make you all scratch your head? As of late, there seems to be a strong push in society towards games and activities that stimulate your brain and get you thinking. Not only are these games great for developing your brain, but can also be played competitively for all those looking to win.

Regardless of what you want to get out of these games, here is a list of innovative activities that are sure to get you thinking.

Escape rooms

Escape Rooms started appearing midway through the 2010s and really started to gain popularity as the years progressed. An escape room in a nutshell is exactly what it sounds like, you are put in a room or a series of rooms that you need to escape from. With these rooms, it is strongly recommended that you have a medium sized group, roughly 5 or 6 people. Too little people can lead to not enough work getting done to escape, and too many can create a situation where there are too many people trying to do the same thing. To escape these rooms, you will have to solve a series of puzzles, each generally increasing in difficulty as the room goes on. If you are able to solve all of them, you will be rewarded with a key that you can use to exit the room and win.

The amazing thing about escape rooms is that due to their popularity, they can be found anywhere. Whether you are planning a trip to Canada, or down to Vegas, there are bound to be plenty of escape room options for you. Not only that, but these escape rooms are themed as well to create an even more unique experience. You can click here to see the styles of escape rooms there are for you to escape from. From horror experiences to movie sets, to scientific dystopias, these escape room companies put 110% in to creating a room that is immersive, challenging, and fun. These rooms also will engage the competitive people in your group as they will not consider failure to be an option. An escape room is a great activity to get you and your friends thinking.

Board game cafés

Board game cafés

Just like escape rooms, board games took society by storm the past few years and it is no longer considered nerdy to want to play one of these. Board game cafes feature thousands of games that you and your friends can pick up and play right there. This eliminates the need to have to buy an expensive game. Once there, look at what they offer and pick a game that suits your style. If you want to be challenged mentally, look into grabbing either a strategy game or a trivia game. Be warned however that board games can bring out the worst in some people and we do not take responsibility for any broken friendships. These cafes are sure to occupy several hours of your day and you will find that you can’t wait to come back and try new games. If you want to think of a strategy, try a board game at a board game café.

Puzzle races

This is a simple, but extremely effective way to pick your brain while also having a competitive activity. Puzzles do require plenty of thinking and logic skills, however they are viewed as more relaxing than competitive. This can all change by challenging someone to a puzzle race. Find two puzzles that contain the same number of pieces and race to see who can finish it first. Watch as the stress and determination build as what once was a relaxing activity is now frantic. This doesn’t have to end with one simple puzzle race either. With enough people, full on tournaments can be formed and soon you and your friends can see who truly is the best at puzzles. These races are a great innovating activity to pick your brain.

There is no shortage of activities one can do to train their cognitive skills while also having fun. Escape rooms are one of the most popular and will test your patience and ability to think on the fly. Most people are not able to escape, and if you are a competitive person, you will do whatever it takes to get out of that room. Board game cafes are great to try out new games and strategize with and against your friends. Finally, if you want something simple and easy, challenge your friends to a puzzle race and see who has the best logic skills. What activity do you plan on trying?