Innovative Treatments for Opioid Addiction

One of the most pressing public health issues in the U.S. today is the epidemic of opioid addiction, which has claimed thousands of lives and left many more struggling with physical and psychological addictions to potent painkillers such as oxycodone and hydrocodone.

While current treatments for opioid addiction are effective at helping people manage the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with this disorder, many still struggle to make a full recovery. This is because these approaches typically only address the physical aspects of addiction; they do not provide support for healing the mental issues that perpetuate opioid abuse. If you want a comprehensive treatment for opioid addiction, a legit medication-assisted treatment for opioid use is the best option.

Fortunately, there are innovative therapies that go beyond traditional approaches by also targeting the emotional and psychological side of addiction. This reputable addiction treatment center can help patients address the underlying causes of their addictions while simultaneously teaching them skills to prevent relapse in the future.

Symptoms and Underlying Causes of Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction doesn’t just start out of the blue after taking an oxycodone – there are underlying factors that drive this chronic disease. For some, it’s a way to cope with mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, while for others it’s a way to self-medicate chronic pain.

Furthermore, opioid withdrawal is notoriously difficult, with symptoms from nausea and vomiting to muscle aches and extreme cravings. This is why it’s so important to understand the underlying causes of addiction, as this can help inform more effective treatment approaches. By understanding why someone is using opioids in the first place, tailored support that addresses their unique reasons for their addiction can be provided.

Targeting the Emotional and Psychological Side of Opioid Addiction

One of the most promising approaches is to target addiction from a holistic standpoint by including both the physiological and psychological aspects in treatment. This means addressing physical symptoms like withdrawal and underlying emotions that may be driving someone to misuse opioids in the first place. Contact a reputable rehab in California to end your drug and alcohol problems for good. Some of the newest therapeutic techniques for opioid addiction include:

  • Equine Therapy

Also known as horse therapy, this treatment involves working with horses to help patients heal both physically and emotionally. The therapist will guide patients through different exercises with the horse, which can help them to build trust, confidence, and self-esteem.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This type of therapy focuses on helping patients change negative thought patterns and behaviors that may be contributing to their addiction. The therapist will work with the patient to identify these patterns and then help them to develop more positive coping mechanisms.

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

This type of therapy targets the addiction from a behavioral standpoint by focusing on skills for managing emotions and stress. Patients will learn different coping mechanisms for dealing with uncomfortable feelings, which can help them to reduce any urges to use opioids in the future.

While these therapies are still relatively new, the results so far have been promising. By providing holistic support that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, those addicted to opioids have a better chance of achieving long-term recovery.

The Dunes East Hampton: Successful Opioid Recovery Reviews

While there are many different rehab centers for opioid recovery, a considerable number of reviews have praised The Dunes East Hampton for its innovative and holistic approach. This New York rehab center is designed to help patients heal physically and emotionally by providing a wide range of services, amenities, and support at the clinic’s 7400 sq. ft. East Hampton facility.

By combining the traditional methods of opioid recovery with newer holistic addiction recovery techniques, patients can expect a more complete recovery in a setting that is more akin to a luxury spa than a clinical rehab center.