Insights from Pet Relocation Company on Moving Pets in & out from Singapore


Fetching your pet cat or dog to Singapore or relocating to another country from here can be a rollercoaster ride, especially if it’s your first time. You can worry more if your furry friend has yet to travel alone. Plus, a lack of knowledge about pet travel arrangements can make you additionally jittery. Please don’t stress because pet moving companies help with these matters altogether. With their guidance, you can make a smooth transition to a new country hassle-free with your pet. So, what do you need help with – sending your pet to Singapore or from Singapore to somewhere else? You can look for professional support in both scenarios.

For a quick idea, you can visit Before this, let’s understand what this entire process entails.

Relocating pet to Singapore

Singapore is a rabies-free country, so its pet import laws are stringent. Learn about quarantine duration and other rules that apply to the source country. For example, countries are listed into categories A, B, C, etc. Pet import and export regulations may differ from one to another category. For example, if you send your dog or cat from Australia or New Zealand, your pet may avoid quarantine by meeting all the required clinical health requirements. In other cases, quarantining can be necessary, and securing a spot for your lovely pet beforehand is essential. Your pet travel partner can guide you, from certifications to customs, selection of crates to airline ticket booking, and more.

Relocating pet to another country from Singapore

If you are a pet owner and plan to move abroad, expect your stress levels to be as high as in the other case, depending on whether it’s the first time. Other countries can also have specific policies regarding accepting live animals from Singapore. So, have some time in hand for proper planning. There will be lots of paperwork, from permits to health certificates. These areas will be easy to navigate with a pet moving company because they give thorough guidance.

Suppose you want to send a pet to the UK. If you abide by regulations properly, quarantine will not apply. It’s more relevant because your source country is Singapore. To avoid quarantine, you must furnish your pet with a scanned microchip. Dogs should get rabies vaccination, tapeworm treatment, and health certificates. Vaccines and health checkups should happen at a proper gap from the travel date per the guidelines to escape any unwanted situation. For example, if you want to import your pet into Australia, you may need to secure an import permit. It will help you book a quarantine spot for your little buddy.

Whether you import or export a pet from Singapore, planning plays a prominent role in the shipping experience. You can enlist a reliable local pet moving agency from the beginning to make your arrangements infallible. If you need help in any area, ask for their advice. Some agencies ensure that you get the best pet-friendly airline services.

Remember, people choose from three options with their pets: travelling with a dog or cat in the cabin, as extra cargo luggage, or sending them as unaccompanied cargo. The last option is most suitable because your pet gets all the necessary attention during layovers and is safely transported to its destination. They can reach before or after you, but you can go ahead and set up things for their welcome before inviting them into the new home.

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