Instagram: a powerful tool for your business (how to increase your reach)


It is almost impossible to imagine a modern business strategy that wouldn’t be using the might of social media. However, beginners often have problems with launching a business profile on Instagram – they think that if they can only buy 20 likes at the moment, there is no success in the visible future. But, although there is a certain point in buying stats, setting up a profile for your brand on Instagram is a branched task that requires devotion and lots of research. In this article, we shall talk about the most effective methods that help you to launch and establish a finely working business profile.

Discover When You Should Post

Despite all the changes in the algorithm, timing remains actual on Instagram. Finding optimal posting time means that you can increase the chances to appear in the feeds of your target audience right when they are into it. The easiest way to detect when is the proper time for posting is to enter Highlights (to use that option, switch to an Instagram Business Profile) and simply look through the data that is collected there. Drop your posts in the feed a little time before the window of activity opens, and this is how you will secure the visibility of your upload.

Use Videos A Lot

According to many types of research throughout the latest years, video is the most engaging format of content, hence it is incredibly productive for businesses. Instagram provides several options for producing high-quality videos:

  • IGTV – serves for uploading videos that are longer than one minute.
  • Video post – basic form of uploading such content on the platform. It is limited to one minute time, and the film is looped as long as the user doesn’t scroll it.
  • Reels – the latest attempt of Instagram to get back the attention of the younger audience due to them fleeing to Tik Tok. Reels are quite similar to the format of content that is represented on Tik Tok.

Videos are a superb method to hook the attention of your potential customers, somewhat because of the autoplay feature. When users scroll their feed down, all the videos that appear in the line start playing immediately, catching the eye of the viewer. This is your ultimate chance to create the most esthetic and attractive films that show your product at its best angle.

Set Up Contests And Lotteries

To increase your growth on Instagram and encourage your audience to be active on your profile, you should host a contest. The easiest way is to announce an activity contest:

  • Think of the optimal conditions for the lottery: liking, reposting, commenting, and tagging other users.
  • Upload a post where you describe the prize and explain the factors for victory, and set the final date of your lottery.
  • Use randomizing tools to define the winner among the participants.

There are endless ways to entertain your audience with such activity, the variety may depend on the type of products that you have. But remember that you follow two goals here: entertaining your followers and getting profit out of it. Make contests from time to time, especially if you see your stats dropping. Make sure that the prize is decent and people would be enthusiastic enough for any activity you offer.

Exploit User-Generated Content

Another huge power of social media is the possibility to collect tons of genuine customer feedback. There are many types of user-generated content, but in terms of business, reviews and feedback that people upload back on the platform, are the most interesting and effective instruments for building the reputation of the brand.

Ask your buyers to share their opinion about your product or services, so you can impress new customers with the results. The most relevant form for doing that is Stories. This kind of content requires minimum effort from the client, and is easily collectible for you: there is an option for saving Stories in your Highlight section above the profile feed.


Use Stories

Use Stories

Speaking of Stories, it is hard not to drop a note about this phenomenon of Instagram. Specifically for IG, stories are a huge ice breaker between brands and their clientele. You can use this incredible tool to boost your engagement rate and expand your reach much further. In stories, you can play games, host contests, expose your product and show your brand values.

If you aim for widening your audience, pay special attention to such things as custom filters for stories. A good filter spreads incredibly fast, making your brand known more.

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Embrace The Power Of Ads

Along with the tips that are described above, don’t forget to invest in official Instagram Ads. If you know your target group well, setting up the ads campaign on Instagram will be easy for you. Just select the proper criteria, and enjoy the flow of views on your profile. With the target group definition right, the algorithms will show your content to the potentially interested users.

Make sure that the post you are about to promote, is engaging and attractive for viewers, and demonstrates what your profile is about.

Work On Your Visuals

Work On Your Visuals

On Instagram, it is very important to impress your audience with high-quality visuals. Pretty pictures are the basis of this social network. So invest in some tech and skills, so you can create a decent visual presentation of your product. However, don’t forget the diversity of content which is highly appreciated by the audience. It is important to provide not only perfected photo campaigns but to show your product as is. Instagram business tactics usually are all about selling the idea. Hence, the right thing to do is to fill your feed with esthetic content that demonstrates your products in real conditions, along with attractive catalog photos.

Reveal More Details About You And Your Brand

Big corporations usually have a team of skilled marketers who run their profiles, and they tend to show less personality than local small brands. And this is the key for locals to prosper and grow: people are ready to know more about your brand in bias with your persona, as it makes the relationship between you and the customer more intimate and trustworthy. Along with your products, don’t be afraid to reveal what are your inspirations and values, your history, and what processes happen in your production.

Being more open to the community drives attention and helps to conquer more hearts to your favor, promoting and growing your popularity on Instagram like a speed train, as ripple get to know you better and bond with you.


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