Intense Pulse Light Treatment: Make Your Skin Younger


You’ll look better on the outside if your skin is evenly toned, clear, and smooth. The term “skin resurfacing” refers to a group of non-invasive procedures used to rejuvenate and rejuvenate the skin with little to no delay. IPL, or Intense Pulse Light Treatment, is among the skin rejuvenating techniques.

What is Intense Pulse Light Treatment?

The absence of skin peeling, like with CO2 resurfacing, is one of the benefits of IPL’s non-ablative nature. IPL is less intrusive and an excellent alternative for treating rosacea and hyperpigmentation, which are both caused by sun exposure!

Hyperpigmentation is present in everyone to some degree, however it may not be readily apparent to the naked eye for the majority of people. Getting sunburned and developing hyperpigmentation may happen even if you’re just exposed to the sun via the windows of your automobile.

How IPL works?

IPL, as opposed to lasers, sends a broad spectrum of light to the skin’s surface, allowing each pulse to treat a larger region of damaged skin cells. There are normally a series of IPL treatments at regular intervals, and the skin appears younger and clearer with each session. For each patient, the number of treatments needed to obtain the desired outcomes will vary depending on the severity of their skin damage.

Up to six half-hour laser skin treatments are available if you qualify. A mild anesthetic cream is applied to your skin before to the operation, and small bursts of laser light are delivered to the afflicted regions within an hour. Also, you can see difference of IPL before and after 1 treatment.

Benefits of IPL

Intense pulsed light treatment may be a good option for you if you’re searching for a quick fix for skin blemishes that doesn’t need surgery. It is safe and effective, does not need anaesthesia, and in many situations effects may be seen almost immediately. IPL operations Intense pulsed light (IPL) may be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions. It may also be used to treat vast sections of the skin at the same time.

The length of each treatment session is often less than 30 minutes because of the advanced technology. There is no downtime, little discomfort, and low chance of adverse effects with the operation. Almost any part of the body may benefit from this therapy without fear of side effects.

Side effects of IPL

As the doctor treats each hyperpigmented location, patients may experience some stinging and a little burning feeling. It takes 20-30 minutes to complete the photorejuvenation treatment, and you may resume your normal activities right afterwards.

After the procedure, some patients have slight redness, a sunburnt feeling, or bruises, but everyone immediately notices a difference in their skin tone. After a few days, patients will have the skin they’ve always desired but struggled to get.

Aftercare of IPL

Apply sunscreen before going outside

A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater is recommended for all light-based treatments, including laser skin rejuvenation and intense pulsed light skin rejuvenation. The first few days following therapy are ideal for avoiding direct sunlight.

Using a cold compress might help alleviate some of the pain

There is a chance of some bruising and redness after laser treatments. Using ice packs and cold compresses may help reduce swelling and redness. They may also be calming to skin that has become inflamed.

Wait for your cosmetics to arrive

Roughness and swelling are possible in the skin. Wait a few days before putting makeup if this is the case. Additionally, Intense Pulsed Light or Lasers are non-invasive treatments that require little downtime and need no anesthesia. As a result, if the technique is followed properly, there should be no issues.

Some points to know before going to IPL treatment

  • IPL should not be used on those who score highly on the Fitzpatrick scale or who have a noticeable tan. This is due to the fact that IPL wavelengths are designed to target the skin’s melanin.
  • If the procedure is not carried out by a qualified medical expert, it may result in blistering, hypopigmentation, and scarring.
  • Every day, you need an at-home skin care regimen to cure and prevent hyperpigmentation on your face.

Final thoughts

Dermatological advances have made it possible for both men and women to have beautiful skin. An innovative new non-laser cosmetic procedure, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy provides a non-invasive alternative for revitalized skin. Intense pulsed light (IPL) has been shown to be an effective treatment for practically all skin types.



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