Interesting and Intriguing Facts about “Who’s the Boss?”


Who’s the Boss? is an American sitcom that aired on the ABC television network and ran from September 20, 1984, to April 25, 1992. It was created by Martin Cohan and Blake Hunter and produced by Hunter-Cohan Productions with the help of Embassy Television.

It ran for eight wonderful seasons, telling the story of a retired Italian-American major league baseball player Tony Micelli who relocates to Fairfield Connecticut to be a live-in housekeeper for a divorced advertising executive named Angela Bower.

If you used to be a fan of this television show and you miss it, or you want to know more about it, here are some fun facts about Who’s the Boss?. Enjoy reminiscing!

  • Mona was supposed to be Angela’s older sister but the producers of the show had a hard time finding the right person to play a free-spirited older sister.
  • Actress Alyssa Milano shared it in her memoir that she actually showed up to an audition for ashow called “You’re The Boss”.
  • Two days before the show’s debut, Tony Danza had to do 250 hours of community service because he got into a fight with a bouncer at a New York hotel. He was supposed to face jail time but his lawyer argued that it would interrupt the show’s production.
  • Who’s the Boss? had its own softball team with Tony Danza as the pitcher.
  • Even if the show is set in Fairfield, Connecticut, the house on the show’s opening credits was shot in Rye, New York.
  • Alyssa Milano wanted to quit the show during its seventh season to go to school but the show’s producer somehow managed to make her stay.
  • During the show’s final season, Tony Danza’s adopted child was written off the show to help make room for Tony and Angela’s romance.
  • Who’s the Boss? had a British adaptation which was entitled The Upper Hand that ran from 1990 to 1996.
  • During the show’s two-part season three finale, Mona, who was played by Katherine Helmond, was supposed to leave the show to start her own series. The season finale was supposed to be a backdoor pilot but ABC decided not to push through with the new series so they made a last-second ending to the show’s season finale episode where Mona came back home from New York.
  • Who’s the Boss? had two short-lived spinoffs entitled Charmed Lives and Living Dolls. Living Dolls ran for twelve episodes telling the story of a group of young models living together. While Charmed Lives, which only lasted for three episodes, is about spokesmodels that turned into roommates that were played by Fran Drescher and Donna Dixon.
  • The young stars of Who’s the Boss? looked up to Tony Danza like a father. Danza became really close with them that he acted as their co-actor and a mentor for many years. Danza also posted Alyssa Milano and Danny Pintauro’s actual report cards on the show’s set.
  • Fairfield loved the Who’s the Boss? so much they sent the show’s main cast members sweatshirts, buttons, bumper stickers, and free newspaper subscriptions when Fairfield celebrated its 350th anniversary. Fairfield University also sent Tony Danza a sweatshirt which he wore on the show.
  • Frank Sinatra made a cameo on the show.
  • Alyssa Milano was older than her character Samantha Micelli.
  • Aside from Frank Sinatra, Who’s the Boss? had a lot of famous guest stars. In the first season, Delta Burke appeared on the show as the next door neighbor. Other huge guest stars were Ray Charles, Betty White, and Mike Tyson.
  • Tony and Angela were supposed to get married on the show’s final season but the producers changed their minds because they were worried that it might ruin the show for syndication.
  • Who’s the Boss? continued to air after it ended. The show was aired on TV Land, Nick at Night and ABC Family. The show was also aired on the Hallmark Channel until 2013.
  • Three different people sang the show’s theme song. It was initially performed by Larry Weiss and eventually, he was replaced by Steve Wariner and lastly it was sung by Jonathan Wolf the same guy who sang Seinfeld’s theme song.

Those are the fun facts we gathered for you about Who’s the Boss. Which one is your favorite?

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