Interesting Facts About Arkansas

Arkansas became the 25th state on June 15, 1836.  Famous people from Arkansas include President Bill Clinton, Johnny Cash and Sam Walton.

Diamonds were first discovered in Arkansas by John W. Huddleston in 1906

Arkansas is the self-proclaimed Watermelon Capital Of the World

Cheese dogs were created in Little Rock at the Finkbeiner Meat Packing Company in 1956

15 meteorites have been discovered in Arkansas

Arkansas has the only active diamond mine in the United States along with the only mine where you can mine for your own diamonds

Ernest Hemingway wrote parts of his classic novel "A Farewell to Arms" at his studio in Piggot

Native Johnny Cash’s “Five Feet High and Rising” song was based on a 1937 flood

Hot Springs has an Alligator Farm with a petting zoo


In Fayetteville it’s illegal to kill any living creature


A farm in Lavaca has a silo painted into a giant Budweiser beer can