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For ages, beards have been majestic. Maybe not all of them, but to their loving owners, they most likely are. No wonder as beards make men look handsome. It made women fall head over heels. And, while you may know about the ABC’s of beard grooming and even thinking about growing one if you haven’t, there are strange and mystified facts about beards we bet you didn’t know about yet. No worries, here are some truths about beards you’d want to hear out. Meanwhile, we recommend you visit if you are looking for a reliable guide on men’s grooming kits and other related items. 

1. There is a fear of beards

You might be fond of wearing a beard, but the person standing next to you may already be trembling due to fear. It is so intense that experts already consider it as a phobia called Pogonophobia. While it may sound weird, it is not fun as you think it is. Some symptoms of the phobia include irregular heartbeat, nausea, excessive sweating, and feeling of dread.

2. Growing bears used to be taxable

In the 17th century, those men who grew a beard had to pay tax of 100 rubbles. They also receive a medallion stating that the beard is a pointless or an unreasonable burden.

3. World’s Longest Beard

The Smithsonian Institution of Washington, DC, received an enthralling item in 1967. It was the longest beard in history, which was once worn by the Norwegian Hans Nilson Langseth.

Growing 18.6 ft or around 5.66 meters, Langseth grew his beard throughout his life. It was a remarkable feat as the beard growth rate averages only half an inch each month.

Langseth’s dying wish was his beard to be cut off and kept. So, after his burial, his family responded to his request and cut off a 17.6 ft beard, which was later donated to the Smithsonian Institution.

4. Abraham Lincoln’s beard

An 11-year old kid actually inspired Abraham Lincoln’s beard. The latter wrote him a letter that would look a lot better if he would grow one as his face is so thin. Lincoln adopted the idea and won the election. So, if ever a kid suggests you to have one, never hesitate to take it.

5. Alexander The Great didn’t like beards

Alexander The Great opposed beards in his infantry. He considered beards as a nuisance that can be dangerous when engaging in close-combat encounters. Thus, he made his men shave. Soon enough, the beards grew back, and his men didn’t cut them anymore to show the lack of fear.

6. Shaving doesn’t make beards grow back thicker

Contrary to the popular myth, shaving doesn’t make your beards thicker once it grows back. It may only seem it did as it consumes time for the ends to grow back tapered. Moreover, it just looks darker as it hasn’t been exposed to different natural elements or much sunlight.

7. Some school campuses don’t allow beards

If ever you’re planning to study at Brigham Young University, shave off your beard. Based on their school manual, men must keep a clean-shaven face when on campus.

8. Shaving isn’t done at home

While most people shave nowadays, people hundreds of years back needed to visit a barber to have their facial hair maintained. It turned barbershops into instant social hubs. Some of them even offered musical instruments and reading material so people won’t get bored as they waited for their turns.

9. Higher Chances of Getting Bald

Studies have shown that growing your beard more increases your chances of getting bald. As you grow your beard, your follicle stimulation and testosterone level changes, resulting in decreased hair growth. While this does not apply to all men, chances of it happening are very likely.

10. Beard has an SPF

Have you seen men with beards surfing in the sea waves? Their beards don’t only make them but protect them from the harmful rays of the sun. A study from the University of Southern Queensland showed that a full beard is effective in blocking sun rays, having an SPF of 21.

11. Sleep boosts Beard Growth

Ample amounts of studies show that getting more sleep increases the level of the male hormone, testosterone. It is the primary androgen responsible for follicle stimulation and beard growth. Thus, allowing experts to conclude that more sleep equates to more beard.

12. Few rich men wore beards

Rich guys don’t like to wear beards. Based on Forbes 100 Richest Men lists, roughly 2% of the individuals chosen sported a beard. This may imply that even the most powerful and wealthiest personalities stick to the business world norm that men should be clean-shaven.

13. Sports guys love beards

If beards aren’t trendy in the business field, the global status of beard worldwide is quite phenomenal. Nearly 55% of normal men wear a beard or some facial hair. For Americans, the rate is around 33%.

14. Attempts To Emasculate Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro reportedly escaped more than 600 assassination attempts throughout his life. One failed shot, however, was not to directly kill him but to bring him down from his position. He was supposed to be poisoned with thallium that will make his beard fall off. Thus, resulting in him being regarded by the public as weak or not suitable to lead them.

15. Grow beards in the summer

If you’d like to grow a beard, the ideal season would be summertime. Testosterone level gets a sharp spike during summer, making it easier, faster to grow a beard.

16. Beards have thousands of whiskers

An average beard possesses around 30,000 whiskers. So, don’t be surprised why shaving takes a long time.

17. Longest Female Beard

Harnaam Kaur holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest female beard. She never intended to grow her beard as an underlying medical condition caused it. Kaur has a polycystic ovary syndrome, which increases testosterone levels in women, resulting in rapid facial hair growth.

18. Beards were once prescribed

In the 1800s, at the reign of the Victorian Era in England, doctors were once prescribing men to grow their big bushy beards. While it may seem strange, doctors weren’t wrong with their advice. Modern science proved that the benefit of growing a beard is preventing viruses and bacteria from getting into the respiratory tract.

19. Women love beards

Different studies have shown that women are attracted by men sporting a full beard than those who wear a clean-shaven look.

20. Not So Clean Fact

Since they collect dirt, debris, and other natural elements, some beards are even dirtier than the toilet. If you sport one, don’t miss giving the pampering and grooming it deserves.

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