Interesting Facts About Disneyland

Disneyland Park (formerly called Disneyland), is an iconic amusement park in California. It is filled with countless Disney -themed attractions to entertain guest of any age. Built in 1955, Disneyland is the only theme park that Walt Disney himself was able to completely supervise the building of, due to his death in 1966.

Many of the secrets (or not-so secrets anymore, when you read this) of the Disneyland Park are the plants on the Tomorrowland park’s landscape. Almost all of these plants there are edible! They include herbal plants such as sage, thyme, rosemary, and citrus plants, as well as vegetables like kale. However, they are not meant to be harvested, since Disney reportedly uses pesticides to keep these edible plants bug free.

Churros are one of the popular snacks at Disneyland Park. In fact, it has recently come up with eight new flavors: Cinnamon Sugar, Pineapple Whip, Milk Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry Cream, Salted Caramel, Red Mango and Toasted Coconut.

You won’t believe it but we are not kidding! These trimmings are made with real 22 karat gold!

The Matterhorn Basketball Court is a small, attic-like space located near the summit of the Matterhorn mountain. The basketball court itself is quite small, almost like a half court.

Legend states that the basketball court was built largely due to the Anaheim city ordinance which didn’t allow structures to exceed a certain height, except sports facilities. So Walt Disney built a basketball court inside the top of the Matterhorn so that it could allegedly pass off as a sports facility. Clever, huh?

“Harold” is an Audio-Animatronic abominable snowman created by the design and engineering team of Walt Disney Imagineering. The team, nicknamed as “Imagineers,” are the ones who affectionately christened the figure “Harold.”

Construction began on July 16, 1954, and ended exactly a year later. The park was finally opened to the public on July 17, 1955.

No one knows for certain when the aptly-named “Disneyland Cats” began to stay there. However, these feral felines — former pets and strays alike — have been a great help in controlling the rodent population that lurk in the park’s grounds especially during the evening.

For years it’s been rumored that the skull at the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride is a real human skull. Disney itself has never confirmed this, but if it is indeed true then the skull really adds the ride’s creepy and morbid factor!

Walt Disney himself didn’t want guests to be troubled by accidentally stepping on a chewed gum inside the park’s premises.

Some of the cement had been hardened over night, but some remained wet when Disneyland first opened to the public. One guest had the ill-advised decision to walk her pet chihuahua to the park (as she had no idea yet what kind of “park” she was going to). Later on, she became hysterical when she found out that her dog was missing and its leash had been stuck in the cement which was drying fast under the morning sun.

But unfortunately, Disneyland already stopped selling the personalized “Walk of Magical Memories” commemorative paving stones several years ago. They no longer have plans to take off or relocate the bricks. Now that you’re versed in the fascinating trivia of Disneyland, why not elevate your next visit with some exclusive insights? Our article, How to Experience Disney Parks Like a VIP?, provides you with the ultimate tips and secrets to transform your Disneyland adventure into an exceptionally memorable experience, ensuring you enjoy every magical moment to the fullest.