Interesting Facts About Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is an animated Disney Pixar film about the journey of a clownfish, named Marlin, as he tries to get back his son. Marlin’s son Nemo, is taken by scuba divers, so Marlin goes after him. As he searches for his son Marlin encounters many other sea creatures, such as a fish named Dory, a shark named Bruce, and a sea turtle, named Crush, all of whom help Marlin rescue Nemo.

The turtle kids’ shells are meant to look like Hawaiian shirts.

Marlin was a protective parent because Andrew Stanton (the film’s director) was a protective parent.

The tiki heads in the tank are caricatures of Pixar employees.

The seagulls “mine” squawks were translated into languages other than English.

Geoffrey Rush literally held his tongue when recording some of his lines.

There’s a lot hiding in Dr. Sherman’s office, such as, an Incredibles comic book.

Pixar remade the ocean surface because initially it was too realistic and thought audiences wouldn’t believe it was animated.

The animators studied dogs’ facial expressions and eyes to animate the fishes’ expressions.

Finding Nemo was the first Pixar movie to take place outside the U.S.

He seagulls were modeled after the penguins from Wallace and Gromit.

In response to the film, several sewage treatment facilities released a warning cautioning children not to “free” their fish down the drain.

During the escape scene from the dentist’s office, the fish roll by the infamous Pizza Planet truck