Interesting Facts About Illinois

Illinois is known as the Land of Lincoln and for one of the great American cities Chicago.



The first experimental solar power plant was in 1902, in Olney.  It was built by  H.E. Willsie and John Boyle, and was based on a design by Charles Tellier.  In 1904 they set up the Willsie Sun company in St. Louis that built a 6 horsepower motor.

In 2010 the country’s largest urban solar array, 10 MW, was installed in West Pullman, on Chicago’s south side.

SoybeansOver 450 bushels of soybeans are harvested each year making it the top producing state in the nation.


State-Capital-SpringfieldPresident Lincoln made his home in Springfield.  Its located in downtown and has been fully restored to its 1860 appearance.  President Lincoln and his wife Mary lived there for 17 years.  They bought it in 1844 for $1,200.


tha-state-songWritten by Charles H. Chamberlain and composed by Archibald Johnston.  It was adopted as the state song in 1925.


Peoria The-River-city

Peoria had a reputation and being rather ordinary and mundane over the years and thus lead to the catch phrase “Will it play in Peoria” meaning will a product or service appeal to the average citizen.


Byron-Nuclear-Generating-StationConstruction on Byron Nuclear Generating Station began in 1975 and went into production in 1985 at a cost of $4.5 billion dollars.  It produces nearly 20,000 Gigawatts of power annually.

Charles-MoundElijah Charles, one of the region’s first permanent settlers, arrived in 1828 and settled at the base of the mound and the hill assumed his name.  Its the highest point in the state.

Chicagos-Mercy-HospitalEstablished in 1852 it was the first chartered hospital for the city and is a Catholic teaching hospital.