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Maryland is one of the smallest but most densely populated states in the United States. The seventh state also has the nation’s capital Washington, D.C. as its next-door neightbor (on the south). It is also bordered by Pennsylvania (north), Delaware (east) and Virginia and West Virginia (west). Maryland is one of the six states as well as Washington D.C. which surround the Chesapeake Bay. Baltimore is the capital and Annapolis is the largest city.

Aside from being the cradle of religious freedom in the United States as well as the home of the US Naval Academy, there are more things to Maryland that you probably didn’t know about! Click through this gallery to know more!

The Maryland Renaissance Festival is a Renaissance fair, which is an event where you can find people re-enacting as if they were in the Renaissance era, especially during the Elizabethan period. There you can see participants wearing elaborate costumes and competing in ancient sports such as jousting.

This festival is set in a 16th-century English Tudor village named Revel Grove, located in Crownsville, a census-designated place in Maryland. It is held from August to October.

The Perry Hall Mansion, located in the community named Perry Hall (which derived its name from the structure) in Maryland, is a 16th-century mansion where the development of Methodist church in America took place. The mansion still stands today and is a now preserved as a historical structure.

The Patapsco Valley State Park is a state park in Maryland. It extends along 32 miles of the Patapsco River to the south and west of Baltimore. One of the park areas near Catonsville (another census-designated place in the state), the Hilton Area, contains a small campground equipped with small cabins, a nature center for kids, and access to several trails that include the Saw Mill Branch Trail. This area, needless to say, is perfect for nature lovers!

Smith Island is an island under the jurisdiction of Maryland. It is located on the Chesapeake Bay, on the border of Maryland and Viriginia territorial waters. Apart from being the only inhabited off-shore island in Maryland, the Smith Island is also home to the oldest English-speaking communities, who converse in English in the way that their colonial ancestors did.

One of Maryland’s state animals is a Calico cat, which received such designation in 2001. The term “Calico” refers to the tri-color patterns of the cat, and is not really a name of a breed. Calico cats are almost always female.

Another official state animal of Maryland is the Thoroughbred, a breed of horse used mainly for racing. It has been Maryland’s state horse since 2003.

The University of Maryland School of Dentistry was founded in 1840, and still operates today. It is the first and the oldest dental school not only in the USA, but in the whole world. It is also the only dental school in the whole of Maryland.

The United States Naval Academy is a four-year coed federal service academy. It was established on October 10, 1845 in Annapolis, Maryland. Among its famous almuni are former US President Jimmy Carter, sci-fi novelist Robert A. Heinlen, businessman Ross Perot, and senior US senator John McCain.

The first statewide workmen’s compensation law was passed in Maryland in 1902. It was also the first state to enact the first law covering government (or federal) employees four years later. By 1949, all states had followed suit.

Two of Annapolis’ famous several nicknames are “America’s Sailing Capital” or “Sailing Capital of the World.” Annapolis, Maryland’s biggest city, has been the premiere maritime hub, as it is also the home of the US Naval Academy. More than four million tourists from around the US and the world come to enjoy Maryland’s historic seaport and the activities held there.

The Baltimore National Aquarium is a public aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland that has been operating since it first opened its doors in 1981. This award-winning tourist spot features several exhibits such as an open ocean shark tank, the Atlantic Coral Reef, the Blacktip Reef, Shark Alley, Dolphin Discovery, Jellies Invasion, and a lot more. There’s also a brand-new exhibit called Living Seashore where visitors are allowed to touch certain animals such as moon snails and jellyfish.. if they dare!

The Deep Creek Lake is Maryland’s largest body of water. Like most lakes in the state, the Deep Creek Lake is man-made, as a result of a hydroelectric project during the 1920s. This 3,900-acre, 75-feet-deep (maximum) lake is home to a variety of fish such as largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and walleye; no wonder the lake has been a popular fishing spot. Tourists can also take boat rides there as well, for sheer pleasure.

The flag of Maryland bears the arms of the Calvert and Crossland clans. The first and fourth quarters of the flag represent the Calverts. Calvert, by the way, was the family name of Lord Baltimore, the founder of what is known today as Maryland. The red and white design of the flag, on the other hand, bear the coat of arms of the Crossland line, which was the family of Lord Baltimore’s maternal side.


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