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Facial hair has been rising again in popularity, with a lot of men sporting the rough look. No wonder as mustaches have always been a well-loved facial hairstyle for a long time. But, while beards may have overshadowed its beauty, mustaches have its own beauty. Here are fascinating facts that prove mustaches are as cool as bears.

1. World’s Longest Mustache

Ram Singh Chauhan holds the record for having the longest growing mustache. The Indian man has one that spans nearly 14 feet long, which he has been growing since 1982. You’ll be surprised that with the reason why he grew such mustache – a friend with a 7-foot long one suggested it.

2. A’s Baseball Team

In 1971, A’s baseball team, an Oakland-based local team, was paid $300 each to grow their mustaches. With a whopping incentive such as that, no one from the team rejected the offer. It became a media frenzy when the A’s went up against the clean-shaven Reds team in the 1972 World Series. The media called the match-up, the ‘Hairs vs. Squares’ series.

Oldest Mustache close up

3. Oldest Mustache

Moustache experienced various levels of popularity throughout the years. However, the oldest artifact sporting a mustache was a portrait tracing back to 300 BC.

Mustache wax is a grooming product designed specifically for styling and maintaining the mustache. It typically contains ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils, which help in providing hold, nourishment, and a pleasant fragrance to the mustache. People use it to shape, style, and control their mustaches, ensuring they look well-groomed and neat.

4. Presidential Mustache

In the history of the White House, only 4 US Presidents wore a mustache. These include Chester A. Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, and Grover Cleveland. The last to grow one was William H. Taft in 1909. Since then, all the presidents were all clean-shaven.

5. Female Mustache

The most renowned woman in the world to sport a mustache is Frieda Kahlo, even bringing the unibrow into fashion. Her self-portraits and paintings are genuinely fascinating, and are bizarrely beautiful!

6. Cardboard Mustache Giveaway

The Beatles gave away cardboard mustache for every purchase of the 1967 album, ‘The Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ Why not? All of the band members were all wearing a mustache on the album cover.

7. The King Without A Mustache

You might be playing card games but, you may not be aware that not all the Kings in a deck of cards sports a mustache. Try to check the King of Hearts – he is only the mustache-less King in the pack.

8. Mustache Spoons

One problem of noblemen during the Victorian Era was protecting their mustaches when taking soup. They were inventive enough and created a mustache spoon that was able to serve as a barrier between the mustache and soup.

9. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein sported his mustache for more than 50 years.

10. Time Spent on Shaving

An average man spends around five months of his life shaving if he begins at the age of 14 – assuming that he lives 60 years after.

11. Absorbent Mustaches

Mustaches are absorbent. A month-old mustache has the capability of hold 10 percent of a glass beer or 30ml of any beverage before leaking the content to the individual face, making them very useful for minor spills.

closeup man touching his mustache

12. Hands Off

An average man will touch his facial hair nearly 750 times a day, or a whopping 31.25 time per hour!

13. Mustache Contest

Every two years, the World Beard and Moustache Championship takes place and is hosted by the World Beard and Moustache Association (WBMA). The competition features men with lengthy, fashionable, and superbly-styled facial hair.

14. Good For The Skin

A study from the University of Southern Queensland has shown that sporting a mustache has health benefits for the skin. Depending on the thickness and length of the mustache, it can aid in reducing the amount of sun rays penetrating the area. Thus, also decreasing the risks of skin cancer.

15. Mustaches in the Military

Men sporting mustaches in the American military adheres to specific rules regarding the shape and size of their mustache. The regulation states that the mustache must not go beyond the upper lip line, extend sideways past the mouth line, and grow upward beyond the lowest edge of the nose. Aside from that, they are encouraged to keep their mustaches neatly trimmed and tapered.

16. Refined Look

A poll from a British newspaper suggests that a mustache makes the wearer appear more sophisticated and gentlemanly. Sixty-one percent of the respondents said it helps provide guys with a refined look while the other thirty-nine percent tell otherwise, saying it made men appear like fools.

17. Movember

Every November, men are encouraged to grow a mustache as a form of support to different men’s health charities and issues. The event that first began in Australia in 2002 grew globally and now known as Movember. Hundreds of thousands participate annually, raising both funds and awareness.

close up mustachioed-policeman in India

18. Indian Police

Police officers assigned in the Madhya Pradesh state in India are being paid a certain amount of money to grow their mustaches. Their superiors believe that doing so commands more respect and channels more authority.

19. Mustache in Numbers

A man’s face has around 10,000 to 20,000 hairs, and the average mustache accounts for 600 of it.

20. Filter

Aside from being a reliable protector from the harmful sun rays, mustaches also serve as a filter of the air breathed in through the nose, cleaning it from different elements, pollutants, or debris.

close up of a man with a mustache drinking a coffee

21. Caffeine Rush

Due to caffeine’s ability to reverse the inhibition of hair development, coffee can help you grow a mustache.

22. Hair Color

It is typical for your mustache and head to have various colors because hair follicles have varying amounts of pigment in them.

23. Let it Grow

An average of 0.4 mm of facial hair grows per day.

man with a mustached portraying a kiss

24. No Kisses

In Eureka, Nevada, it is against the law for men to kiss women.

25. Ordered to Trim

Before the Ardela battle, Alexander the Great ordered all his warriors to trim their mustaches.

26. Alaska Record

Since 1990, the World Beard and Mustache Championships have been held every year, and this year, Anchorage, Alaska sent a record number of competitors.

27. Almost Anything Can Be Called a Moustache

The mustache has many colloquial names. Most accurately reflect its propensity to retain food and liquids or its connection to sex:

  • Bristle batons
  • Bro-stache
  • Cookie duster
  • Crumb catcher
  • Face-lace
  • Grass grin
  • Lip shadow
  • Manometer
  • Mouthbrow
  • Moz
  • Tickles
  • Tea strainer
  • Upper lipholstery
  • Whiskers
  • Wing

28. Captivating Mustache

Certain mustaches are more endearing than others. Nearly 3,200 people on Facebook are fans of Burt Reynolds’ iconic mustache.

29. Serious About Their Own Image

The American Mustache Institute refers to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as “one of the most influential mustached Americans in history.”

30. Monkey Business

The average male human has about five million follicles, which is less than the chimpanzee but roughly three times as many as the gorilla.

a man grooming his mustache

31. Crockery with mustaches

Wax was frequently employed by Victorian men to shape their mustaches, however, this wax easily melted into hot foods or beverages. During this time, inventors struggled to find answers to this issue. To try to shield the mustache from rising steam, mustache spoons and cups were created. Alternative solutions were developed to stop melted mustache wax from dropping onto hot food and ruining it.

32. Razor Cuts

Alum blocks, a grooming tool, can be used as a temporary cure for razor cuts.

33. Good and Balanced Diet

A good diet will encourage mustache development. In just 30 days, a small change in lifestyle could have a significant impact. As a vitamin that promotes hair development, biotin should be consumed in sufficient amounts. Numerous common foods, including eggs, almonds, bananas, and mushrooms, contain it.

gray hair mustache

34. Gray Hair

It is likely that your mustache will go gray before your head hair does. Genetics influence when your hair starts to show signs of aging, and if gray hairs are starting to emerge through your mustache, your head might be next. Fortunately, facial hair does not typically weaken or disappear as men experience male-pattern baldness; as a result, if your mustache does become gray before your hair on top, it will still appear thick and healthy.

35. Important Tools

The two most essential tools for maintaining a mustache are a comb and scissors. Every mustachioed man should have a comb and a pair of blunt-end scissors.

36. Fancy Term

“Pogonotomy” is a formal term for the act or procedure of trimming a beard. That sounds like a super-complicated way to express your need to shave.

close up on a man with a long mustache

37. Grows Faster

Compared to other body hair, mustache hair grows the fastest.

38. India Mustache Transplant

A mustache transplant is an actual procedure. For a hefty amount of about Rs 3 lakhs, you may get it done in India.

39. Fetus Mustache

In the womb, babies develop mustaches that they eventually eat.

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