Interesting Facts About Princess Ariel

Princess Ariel is the title character of the 1989 film The Little Mermaid, based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. She is the fourth Disney princess. Ariel, a mermaid princess, longs for life in the human world as well as true love so she does everything to attain her desires — even to the point of trading her voice for the chance to experience life outside the sea. Here are more fascinating and entertaining facts about Princess Ariel!




Brief Biography of Alyssa Milano

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Alyssa Jayne Milano, famously known as Alyssa Milano, was born on December 19, 1972. She is an American actress, producer, singer, author, and activist. Milano was known as a political activist for participating actively in the MeToo movement in October 2017.  Born in a neighborhood of New York with parents working in the fashion industry and film music enterprise, Milano was born in working-class Brooklyn and raised in a modest home on Staten Island.

 One day, her would-be dancer babysitter dragged Alyssa to an open audition for the show’s first national tour of “Annie.” But Alyssa, not the sitter, was chosen from thousands of other girls for the role. After a couple of months of acting, Alyssa has made a name for herself as an energetic and charismatic young actress. She started to make her debut appearances in TV commercials and Off-Broadway shows, including Jane Eyre’s first American musical production. 

image of Milano and Nancy Raegan holding hands
By Series: Reagan White House Photographs, 1/20/1981 – 1/20/1989Collection: White House Photographic Collection, 1/20/1981 – 1/20/1989 –, Public Domain,

When Milano took a friend from Annie Productions to the agent’s office in New York, she was introduced to the agent, who opened new opportunities for her. She made her big screen debut in August 1984 in the Sundance Film Festival-winning coming-of-age film Old Enough. She described this experience as a great way of starting. The film won the First Prize. Eventually, she auditioned for “Who’s the Boss?”, aiming for the role of Tony Danza’s daughter. She successfully took the character lead, and her family moved to Los Angeles, where the show was being produced. The show officially aired on  ABC on September 20, 1984. At age 10, Milano had her breakthrough role in the sitcom as the famous sweet daughter Samantha Micelli, a child whose native Brooklyn accent rivals her TV father’s accent. 

The part gave Milano more opportunities for other child roles. At 12, Alyssa became part of Commando, together with Arnold Schwarzenegger. She also starred in the children’s film The Canterville Ghost, which later gained fewer praises than her first two films. Further, Milano starred in two films: Crash Course and Dance ’til Dawn; both projects gave her a chance to work with people she had good relationships with, such as her friend Brian Bloom. Recently, she started the podcast, Alyssa Milano. This podcast discusses social and political issues and usually features interviews with officials. Milano starred in her 2021 Netflix film adaptation of Nora Roberts’ novel Brazen Virtue. In October 2021, Milano’s book “Sorry Not Sorry” was released. It contains 32 writings that describe their activities and opinions on current political and social issues.