Interesting Facts About Princess Merida

Merida is a lead character of the movie Brave. She is the 11th and the latest Disney princess, to date. Merida has many remarkable “firsts,” for a Disney princess. As she refuses to marry a man by tradition, she is the first Disney princess not to have a leading man or love interest. Her fierce independence resonates well with modern-day feminism. Merida also does not have any singing part in the movie, unlike other Disney princesses.











Princess Merida-Character Profile and Why People Love Her

With the film’s premier on the final day of the Seattle International Film in June 2012, the movie Brave since then received positive feedback from viewers. Ranking 13th highest-grossing film of 2012, it became a defying and conventional portrayal of a Disney princess. Here are some of the reasons why:

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  • Princess Merida rebelled against her mother, who was unwilling to marry without love following tradition, and in the end, came to understand better the relationship between mother and daughter. This type of realistic approach captures the audience to love the princess even more.
  • Princess Merida is a unique character amongst the Disney Princesses as she was not overtly engaged in fulfilling any romantic course. In fact, the movie did not follow the typical happily ever after with an exquisite wedding of the main character. 
  • Princess Merida was a strong character of her own. She greatly improved her archery skills and was one of the most skilled archers in the kingdom. She was also adept at the spear, sword fighting, and horse riding. However, her character development became balanced, showing her soft side, especially regarding her younger triplets. Undoubtedly, Merida was a breath of fresh air portraying a culture of women empowerment.