Exploring the Brave World of Princess Merida – Disney’s Archery Prodigy


Merida is a lead character of the movie Brave and Disney’s 11th. Merida has many remarkable “firsts,” for a Disney princess. As she refuses to marry a man by tradition, she is the first Disney princess not to have a leading man or love interest. Her fierce independence resonates well with modern-day feminism. Merida also does not have any singing part in the movie, unlike other Disney princesses.

In the world of Disney Princesses, Princess Merida stands out as a symbol of independence, bravery, and non-conformity. Introduced in Pixar’s 2012 film “Brave,” Merida broke the mold of traditional princess narratives, bringing a refreshing twist to the Disney lineup.

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Princess Merida’s Character Profile and Why People Love Her

Merida, the fiery-haired protagonist, is the first Scottish princess in the Disney pantheon and the first Pixar character to join the Disney Princess line-up. Daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor of the mythical Scottish kingdom of DunBroch, Merida is an adept archer, a skill that symbolizes her strength and independence. Unlike her Disney predecessors, her story isn’t about romance or finding a prince. Instead, it revolves around family, freedom of choice, and the consequences of actions.

With the film’s premier on the final day of the Seattle International Film in June 2012, the movie Brave since then received positive feedback from viewers. Ranking 13th highest-grossing film of 2012, it became a defying and conventional portrayal of a Disney princess. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Princess Merida rebelled against her mother, who was unwilling to marry without love following tradition, and in the end, came to understand better the relationship between mother and daughter. This type of realistic approach captures the audience to love the princess even more.
  • Princess Merida is a unique character amongst the Disney Princesses as she was not overtly engaged in fulfilling any romantic course. In fact, the movie did not follow the typical happily ever after with an exquisite wedding of the main character. 
  • Princess Merida was a strong character of her own. She greatly improved her archery skills and was one of the most skilled archers in the kingdom. She was also adept at the spear, sword fighting, and horse riding. However, her character development became balanced, showing her soft side, especially regarding her younger triplets. Undoubtedly, Merida was a breath of fresh air portraying a culture of women empowerment.

Merida’s character is a vibrant blend of rebelliousness and vulnerability. She challenges the archaic traditions of her kingdom, particularly the custom that a princess must marry a suitor from one of the kingdom’s clans. Her spirit of rebellion is not just against tradition but also a quest for personal identity and autonomy. However, her journey isn’t without flaws; her headstrong nature leads her to make impulsive decisions, the repercussions of which drive the plot of “Brave.”


Eilean Donan Inside View Scottish castle

Interesting Facts About Brave and Princess Merida

Check out these interesting facts about the movie and the fiery princess:

  1. First Pixar Disney Princess: Merida is the first Disney Princess created by Pixar and the first to be featured in a Pixar film, marking a significant collaboration between Disney and Pixar in developing a princess character.
  2. Scottish Influence: “Brave” is set in medieval Scotland, and its creators went to great lengths to capture authentic Scottish culture, landscapes, and accents. The film is steeped in Scottish folklore and tradition, making it unique in the Disney Princess lineup.
  3. Merida’s Hair: Merida’s wild, curly red hair is not just a defining visual feature but also a technical marvel. It took Pixar’s team years to develop the software to realistically animate her 1,500 individually sculpted curls.
  4. Voice of Merida: Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald provided the voice for Merida. She replaced Reese Witherspoon, who was initially cast but had to leave the project due to scheduling conflicts.
  5. Mother-Daughter Story: Unlike many Disney Princess stories that focus on romance, “Brave” centers on the mother-daughter relationship between Merida and Queen Elinor, offering a fresh narrative perspective in the Disney Princess franchise.
  6. Academy Award Winner: “Brave” won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2013. It was also nominated for Best Original Score and won the BAFTA Award for Best Animated Film.
  7. Director Change: The film’s original director, Brenda Chapman, who conceived the story, was replaced by Mark Andrews mid-production due to creative differences. Chapman was the first woman to direct a Pixar film.
  8. Archery Training: To accurately portray Merida’s archery skills, the animators and Kelly Macdonald underwent archery training to understand the mechanics and nuances of the sport.
  9. Influences from Real Castles: The design of Merida’s family castle, DunBroch, was inspired by several real Scottish castles, including Dunnottar Castle and Urquhart Castle, blending historical architecture with the fantasy setting of the film.
  10. Cultural Consultation: The filmmakers consulted with Scottish history and folklore experts to ensure cultural accuracy, from the clan system depicted in the film to the incorporation of mythical elements like the will-o’-the-wisps.

These facts highlight the meticulous craftsmanship, cultural authenticity, and innovative storytelling that make “Brave” and Princess Merida stand out in the realm of animated films and Disney lore.

Cultural Significance

Merida’s creation marked a significant cultural shift in the portrayal of Disney Princesses. She is often seen as a role model for young girls, representing courage, self-reliance, and the importance of forging one’s own path. Her Scottish heritage is another aspect that enriches her character. The film immerses viewers in Scottish culture, from the rolling Highlands to traditional music and folklore, adding authenticity to Merida’s world.

Merida’s introduction was a pivotal moment in the evolution of Disney heroines. Her character encouraged a more diverse representation of women in animation, paving the way for future characters who defy stereotypical roles. Her story’s focus on familial bonds, particularly the mother-daughter relationship, is a narrative that hadn’t been explored deeply in previous Disney Princess films.

Since her debut, Merida has become an iconic character. Her image is adorned on merchandise, and she is a popular character in Disney theme parks. Her influence extends beyond the realms of film and entertainment, inspiring discussions about gender roles, independence, and the portrayal of female characters in media.


Princess Merida’s journey in “Brave” is a powerful testament to the evolving nature of storytelling in animation. Through her, Disney and Pixar have given audiences a character who is not only brave in the face of danger but also in confronting societal norms and her own imperfections. Merida’s story encourages young audiences to find their voice, embrace their uniqueness, and understand the weight of their choices. In the pantheon of Disney Princesses, she will forever stand as a symbol of boldness, change, and true bravery.


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