Interesting Facts About Sex and the City


The hit HBO series Sex and the City was loosely based on the book of the same title written by Candace Bushnell. It’s been over a decade since it aired its last episode, so we might as well reveal some fun facts and revelations that even the show’s fans might find surprising!

Instead, the actors drank ginger ale (which posed as champagne) and grape juice (as red wine), according to Sarah Jessica Parker, who played the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw.

The series was based on Bushnell’s book, comprising of the weekly columns she wrote for New York Observer detailing her and her friends’ own dating experiences and lifestyles.

Nixon is actually blonde. She dyed her hair red to play lawyer Miranda Hobbes, one of the show’s main characters (and because it was the color of one of the characters in Bushnell’s books — most likely to amplify Miranda’s “fiery” personality). Nixon has since expressed relief about going back to her natural hair color.

Carrie Bradshaw absolutely loved shoes. So Sarah Jessica Parker had to play the character by wearing heels about 18 hours a day. Ouch!

The producers initially wanted Carrie Bradshaw to be a brunette. But they later changed their minds, because author Candace Bushnell (whom the character Carrie Bradshaw was based) herself was a blonde.

When you think Kim Cattrall fits the role of the highly libertine Samantha Jones like a glove, the actress actually turned it down not once, but twice! The boyfriend of the show’s creator Darren Starr finally persuaded Cattrall to take the role.

The tutu Carrie Bradshaw wears in the opening credits was actually bought from a bargain bin for $5!

Matthew McConaughey’s role in the series’ “Escape from New York” episode was initially written for Alec Baldwin, but Baldwin declined. It was then offered to George Clooney and to Warren Beatty, but both men turned it down too.

Davis, who played the conservative and traditional girl Charlotte York, was afraid that the series’ sexual themes would shock her family, especially her grandmother. So she didn’t tell them about it at first. But later she publicly declared that her parents had actually started to watch the show after her grandmother died. And guess what? They liked it, and Davis’ college professor dad even used the show for one of his lectures.

Carrie’s address is 245 East 73rd Street, Samantha’s address is 300 Gansevoort Street, Miranda’s is 331 West 78th Street and Charlotte’s is 700 Park Avenue. They’re all purely fictional!

Sex and the city introduced the iconic rabbit vibrator – the Rabbit Pearl. It became not only a pop culture sensation, but a case study in sex-toy product placement that ushered in a new era of sexual consumerism, one in which female shoppers boldly strutted into sex-toy stores looking to purchase the vibrator they’d seen on Sex and the City.

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