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Interesting Facts about The Odd Couple

Interesting Facts about The Odd CoupleThe Odd Couple is one of the most beloved sitcoms in American television history. It originally aired from September 24, 1970, to March 7, 1975 on ABC, starring Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. Based on Neil Simon’s hit 1965 Broadway play, the show follows a pair of divorced men named Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. Both being kicked out from their houses by their ex-wives, Felix and Oscar end up as roommates in a Manhattan apartment, only to find their lifestyles constantly clashing.

Pairing a gruff slob with a prim and uptight roommate has been an effective formula in television comedy, and The Odd Couple’s idea still continue to click today.

Besides having a play, a film, and a 2015 TV series remake  – starring Friends star Matthew Perry and The State’s Thomas Lennon – here are some of the interesting facts about The Odd Couple.