Interesting Facts About Walt Disney World

The entertainment complex Walt Disney World, located in Florida, is the most visited vacation resort in the world. The theme park is perfect for people of all ages, filled with countless rides, roller coasters, shows, animals, restaurants, and much more. Here is a list of some of the interesting facts and hidden secrets of Disney World.


The Magic Kingdom is actually on the second floor. The “underground city” network of not-so-secret tunnels really exists


Disney World is the size of San Francisco or two Manhattans


Dead people’s ashes are everywhere. No joke. I had a friend who knew a girl whose mom, upon her death, wanted to be cremated and spread from the top of the Dumbo ride. This sounded odd until I heard it happens all the time. The park apparently even has a special vacuum for such occasions. Which is pretty gross, when you think about it. Cleanup in aisle Dumbo!


Visitors consume close to 2 million pounds of those caveman turkey drumsticks each year


Disney World is where sunglasses go to die. More than 200 pairs of sunglasses are turned in to lost and found each day


Disney World has closed three times, all in anticipation of hurricanes: Sept. 15, 1999, for Floyd; Sept. 4-5, 2004, for Frances; and Sept. 26 of that same year for Jeanne.


It took less than 30 minutes to evacuate thousands of guests from the theme parks on Sept. 11, 2001.


The Land Ride at Epcot isn’t just for entertainment. More than 30 tons of fruit and vegetables are grown there every year for Disney restaurants.


When Disney World opened, adult admission to the Magic Kingdom cost $3.50. Today it costs $85.


Before it became strictly a theme park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios (originally called Disney-MGM studios before a legal falling out) was designed to be a working studio.


Wondering about the weirdest things ever found? How about a glass eye, a prosthetic leg and a potty trainer — all of which were claimed.


Walt Disney bought the 43 square miles of Central Florida swampland for Disney World for $5 million, or about $185 an acre.