Interesting Facts About WWE Raw

Since it first aired in the 1950s, WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment has become a worldwide sports entertainment powerhouse. It is broadcasted in over 150 countries and it has a million viewers all around the world. Most of you are probably familiar about the basic principles of wrestling and could name a couple of popular wrestler faces such as John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Batista, and The Rock, but there’s more to WWE Raw than what you see in the surface. That’s why in this article, we are going to find out some interesting facts about this iconic TV show.

  • The original concept of Raw was different from what Raw is offering today

WWE Raw is quite different from the big-budget and heavily produced arena show we can watch today. Back in 1993, the format of the show was literally raw. It had stripped back production with a gritty presentation. It was shot in the small setting of the Grand Ballroom on the seventh floor of Manhattan Center in New York City. 

  • The show was supposed to be called “Uncooked Raw”

Before the show was launched, WWF was trying to come up with a catchy name that will match  Vincent McMahon’s vision of a bolder production. Former Vice President of Business Operations Dick Glover suggested the name “Uncooked Raw” and everybody in the room agreed that the name summarized what the show would be. Fortunately, someone suggested that they should drop the word “Uncooked” and call the show “Raw” instead.

  • The show’s live aspect was dropped because of financial issues

Despite the increasing demand from the fans to attend the show, things weren’t working out to be cost-effective when it comes to filming WWE Raw live. The show experienced a financial drain and logistics nightmare when it comes to setting up and unpacking every week. That’s why Vincent McMahon decided to cut the live aspect of the show. They settled with taping several episodes at a time after a live broadcast. 

  • Raw’s highest rating segment

WWE Raw’s highest rating segment happened on September 27, 1999, during Mick Foley’s “This Is Your Life.” It received a whopping 8.4 rating which became one of the most celebrated productions in WWE Raw’s history.

  • Raw’s Highest Rated Episode

The show’s highest-rated episode was aired on May 10m 1999.  The episode featured Mr. McMahon, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock fighting against Shane McMahon, The Undertaker, and Triple H. The star power in this episode is enough reason to see why the episode did so well. People wanted to see a good fight between the legendary WWE wrestlers.

  • Almost all of the viewers watch Raw’s live broadcast

Wrestling Observer Newsletter says that about 88 percent to 92 percent of Raw’s TV viewership is during its live broadcast. That’s an amazing amount of viewers considering we are at the era where many television shows are DVR’d. 

  • Over 6.1 million fans of Raw have attended the live Raw shows

WWE Raw isn’t just about obtaining viewers on screen, the show also serves as an important attraction for filling large venues such as arenas. An estimate of 6.1 million fans has attended the Monday night show that has toured across 250 cities in the US.

  • WWE Raw has over four million viewers every week

Even if their audience fluctuates, the show has an average of around four million viewers a week. This number makes Raw one of the most-watched regular programs on primetime cable TV. 

  • WWE Raw is the longest-running weekly TV show in history

WWE Raw first aired on TV in 1993 and it’s still an ongoing show until today. WWE Monday Night Raw is considered to be the longest-running weekly TV program in US history. If we’re going to list it down, WWE Raw has a total of 26 seasons and 1,363 episodes as of July 8, 2019.

  • WWE Raw has about a billion viewers every week all across the globe

Although the four million viewers in the US every week is a big number, it’s just a drop in the ocean if we look at the number of viewers WWE is believed to have globally every week. WWE Raw is broadcasted in thirty different languages and it airs in over 150 countries worldwide. 

Now that we list down some of the most interesting facts about this iconic TV show, it’s time for you to catch up on all the episodes you’ve missed. If you want to learn more about other sports, make sure you check out this site.