Interesting Facts About Zootopia

Zootopia is an animal metropolis, where countless animals live, work, and thrive. The story line follow a bunny named Judy Hopps who becomes the first bunny to become a police officer. Judy wants to prove herself, so she takes on a mysterious and dangerous case, but in order to do so, she must work with the sly fox, Nick Wilde. The two must work together and overcome their differences in order to save the day.


Lionheart was inspired by Mufasa.


The characters’ fur is true to the real animal they represent.


There are 64 different species in the movie


Movie spoofs are all over Zootopia, such as Wreck it Rhino and Wrangled.


Movie spoofs are all over Zootopia, such as Wreck it Rhino and Wrangled.


Zootopia districts were influenced by real-world places


The newscaster varies depending on which country you’re watching the movie


Zootopia is the longest Disney film since Fantasia


The actor, Alan Tudyk has now played a weasel-like character in four Disney movies, including Zootopia.


To make the actual city of Zootopia believable, the team developed a new technology called keep alive, where the world always has some level of movement in it.


About 80% of the designs that were created, do not get used in the movie. This is a strategy to find the right thing, and to use what feels right for the film, and what works best for the story.