Interesting Facts to Know About the Personal Injury Law


Injuries at work are inevitable and one simply doesn’t want to indulge in the legal complications surrounding them. Most of the people are not even aware of the different types of lawsuits related to personal injury and this negligence can cost them a lot more than they could ever imagine.

At some point in time, you might suffer from a personal injury at work that is not at all your fault. In the US alone, 31 million injuries take place at work. So before you become a part of this statistic and don’t know what to do, read on to find out more about personal injury law in Duluth.

Always Two Parties Are Involved

The personal injury lawsuit always takes place between two parties – one of which is the plaintiff and the other one is the defendant. The defendant might be a person, the corporation, or the insurance company. While the plaintiff is seeking a solution for its damages, the defendant may try not to give some or most part of the compensation. A Duluth personal injury attorney will be of your help in such a scenario because he will ensure that you don’t suffer at the hands of some influential entities.

More Than Automobile Accidents

Car accidents are the most common cause of personal injury making up 52% of all the personal injury lawsuits in the country. Other drivers include chemical products, worn-out machinery, dog attacks, defective products, and lack of provision of training. There are three hundred thousand injuries every year due to construction fails, thus, one needs to be aware of all the possible reasons for personal injury at work.

Most Cases Settle Early

As many as 96% of the cases are settled before they go to court. Your case may or may not need a trial depending upon its specifications. It is the duty of your Duluth personal injury attorney to try to settle the case through discussions and meetings, saving you time and money. It is possible to rely on alternative methods to avoid the trial but if both the parties don’t come on a written agreement, then there is no way out.

Abide by the Time Limits

In any sort of personal injury, there is always a limit to file the lawsuit. If you don’t take action within the given statute of limitations, you might be prohibited to make any claim at all. Every kind of personal injury has a different time limit and it is the duty of your personal injury attorney to keep you informed. You must seek legal advice soon after the injury so that a professional can guide you in the right manner.

The Attorney’s Fee

The foremost concern of any person who has sustained an injury is how will they pay for the auto injury lawyer? There are two approaches followed by the lawyers with one being charging an hourly fee and the other is working on contingency. Both come with their own sets of pros and cons but you need to understand which one will work best in your case. Whatever you choose, always make a written agreement beforehand so that there are no misunderstandings during the proceedings.


Every year in the US, 2 million people sustain injuries which require hospitalization and 162 thousand die due to them. If you are experiencing a life-altering situation due to the negligence of your company, you are bound to get compensated for it physically, financially, and emotionally. Seek professional help from your nearest attorney and do not let yourself become a victim of personal injury at work.


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