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Hamburgers aren’t the healthiest food in the world, but boy oh boy, aren’t they tasty? A juicy beef patty sandwiched in two hot buns, layered with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, cheese, ketchup, onions, or whatever you like – it’s the ultimate comfort food. Perhaps one reason why it’s a typical “comfort” food is that it’s so convenient; you can eat it anytime, anywhere! Check out some interesting quotes from famous people who got something to say about hamburgers.

  1. “Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius.” –Matthew McConaughey

Cheese makes a burger taste better. Always.

  1. “Hamburgers! The corner-stone of any nutritious breakfast.” – Quentin Tarantino

Ah, this iconic line by Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, as he played Jules. It’s not the gospel truth, but it sure is easier to believe so.

  1. “In time, foods such as hamburgers and ice cream became more than just meals. They became part of American history and culture, touchstones that are almost immediately nostalgic and sentimental no matter how old you are or what part of the country you are from.” – Homaro Cantu

Hamburgers and ice cream will forever be part of our lives.

  1. “It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun.” – Ray Kroc

Hamburgers are beautiful. You’d appreciate their beauty all the more as you consume them.

  1. “The hamburgers in America are the best in the world.” – Liam Hemsworth

Take it from Liam Hemsworth, everybody.

  1. “I still love making hamburgers on the grill. I guess whenever I eat them childhood memories come up for me.” – Bobby Flay

Many Americans get to have fond memories of their childhood when their dad was flipping burgers in a backyard grill. It’s always a great tradition to replicate.

  1. “I don’t know if you call a burger ‘recession food.’ It’s comfort food.” – Michael Mina

This is on point. Burgers may be cheap, but it is and always has been a comfort food.

  1. “I am a child of America. If ever I’m sent to Death Row for my revolutionary ‘crimes,’ I’ll order as my last meal: a hamburger, French fries, and a coke.” – Jerry Rubin

That’s just the right amount of patriotism right there, Jerry Rubin.

  1. “Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping; they called it opportunity.” – Charles J. Sykes

Basically, Charles Sykes is saying that if you have a job – whatever it is – be grateful for it.

  1. “A Hamburger is warm and fragrant and juicy. A hamburger is soft and nonthreatening. It personifies the Great Mother herself, who has nourished us from the beginning. A hamburger is an icon of layered circles, the circle being at once the most spiritual and the most sensual of shapes. A hamburger is companionable and faintly erotic. The nipple of the Goddess, the bountiful belly-ball of Eve. You are what you think you eat.” – Tom Robbins

Robbins is a novelist who sure knows how to describe a burger beautifully.

  1. “We all need to make time for a burger once in a while.” – Erica Durance

We all do. Burger is comfort.

  1. “The ingredients of a hamburger seldom vary. It’s a percentage of fat to lean meat, add salt and prepare, and that’s it. It shouldn’t need a recipe.” – Anthony Bourdain

We all know you were a pro, Bourdain. Some people who didn’t know anything about cooking needs a guide.

  1. “We take the hamburger business more seriously than anyone else.” – Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc was a humble man who gave birth to the rise of fast food and founded the franchise, which started it all: McDonald’s. Since McDonald’s has been a household brand visible in the six continents, we can say that he really did take his business seriously.

  1. “I always admired Ray Kroc, the man who invented McDonald’s. Ray had a vision of the most commonplace thing – a hamburger and fries to go – but to him, it was just the greatest thing ever, and he was going to make it the greatest thing ever for everybody else, and he did.” – David Lee Roth
  1. “Fashion is like food! Some people like sushi, others think hamburgers are divine! People like different things!” – Michael Kors

While most people love hamburgers, to some, it doesn’t cause their mouths to drool.

  1. “Just because people want to eat the burger doesn’t mean they want to meet the cow.” – Steve Buscemi

We admire vegans and vegetarians for their willpower and philosophy. They want to save the poor animals by not eating them. While it’s a noble consideration that’s good for the environment, most people don’t think of the dead cow when they order a burger. They just think of satiating hunger.

  1. “If it’s flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s, be the best hamburger flipper in the world. Whatever it is you do, you have to master your craft.” – Snoop Dogg

This is a nice inspirational message from Snoop Dogg. Learn to love whatever you are doing and aim to be the best at it.

  1. “For our first date, I made Ryan Hamburger Helper, which is basically what I grew up on. I make my own version of it now, with macaroni and cheese and hamburger meat. And the kids – it’s their favorite dinner.” – Reese Witherspoon

What a sweet sentiment for Reese. It’s proof that a hamburger can keep romance sparking and a family happy.

  1. “In the States, you can buy Chinese food. In Beijing, you can buy hamburger. It’s very close. Now I feel the world becomes a big family, like a huge family. You have many neighbors. Not like before, the two countries are far away.” – Jet Li

Food is the bridge that joins two countries and cultures together. If you want a taste of America, bite on a big, juicy, greasy hamburger.

  1. “If only meat weren’t so delicious! Sure, meat may pave the way to a heart attack. Yes, factory farms torture animals. Indeed, producing a single hamburger patty requires more water than two weeks of showers. But for those of us who are weak-willed, there’s nothing like a juicy burger.” – Nicholas Kristof

It’s a great idea to support eco-friendly dining options, but you can’t just give in your favorites. It takes a strong heart to be able to give up eating hamburgers for the rest of your life if you loved it so much.

  1. “You turn hotdogs with tongs. Don’t you ever use those tongs on a hamburger.” – J. B. Smoove

Using tongs is an abomination to hamburgers. You use a spatula with burgers. It’s a must for J.B. Smoove.

  1. “Everybody wants instant gratification for everything. It’s all got to be like fast food. You want a hamburger now; you get it now. Hey, even when McDonald’s started out, it took them a couple of minutes to make your burger and get it to you. Now, it’s all wham, bam. That’s tough enough on a burger. It’s impossible with a relationship.” – Frankie Avalon

Certainly, there is value in waiting. If you want a great-tasting burger, wait for it to be done well.

  1. “Dream food day? Hmm – maybe a hamburger and fries, but honestly, it’s not really a dream because I tend to eat what I want to for the most part.” – Stella Maxwell

Sometimes when you’re rich, and you have reached your dreams, your everyday food is a dream come true.

  1. “To get rid of my cellulite, I’d have to go on a diet. I don’t want to do that; I want to eat. If I want a hamburger, I’ll have one.” – Anitta

You go, girl. If you don’t want to go dieting, then don’t.

  1. “I was just really hungry, and I wanted to have an In-N-Out burger.” – Paris Hilton

After being arrested for a DUI, this is Paris Hilton’s statement. Yes, even the models and the skinny gals love to eat burger.

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