Interesting Ways of Using Debit Cards

When you make payments using your debit card, the money is transferred directly out of your bank account. It’s similar to cashing out your funds and handing them over at an offline store. However, using a debit card is safer, since the procedure includes fraud protection. In addition to this, you can suspend your card right away in case it gets lost or stolen. In the majority of cases, whenever you make deposits or purchase other services with your debit card, you need to indicate your PIN code.

So, what exactly is a debit card? It’s a card you use to make purchases. Usually, you receive a debit card from your local bank when you create an account there. Sometimes debit cards imply no fees. Sometimes fees are charged. Debit cards and credit cards look exactly the same. But they are different based on their main function. Debit cards transfer funds that you already have in your checking account and you can connect them with transferring services like NeoSurf to make deposits without leaving too much personal info online, while credit cards use funds that you borrow. Usually, you can monitor your balance by taking advantage of your bank’s mobile application – in addition to the possibility of doing it online from your PC.

Wondering how to make the right choice of a debit card? Here are some easy steps to follow:

  • research on the issue
  • compare the policies at several banks
  • study their websites to find out everything there is to know about all the fees they charge
  • pick the one that’s more cost-effective

So, why would you use a debit card? Here’s why:

  • because you don’t like carrying cash when shopping offline: just swiping the card and entering your PIN number on a keypad is far more convenient, isn’t it?
  • because you like the speed of transactions: debit cards move funds to and from your account very fast
  • because you still love the old school benefit of getting cash out of your debit card whenever you like
  • because e-Wallets give you a headache: thank God we live at the choose-the-best-option-for your side of the world!

If you want to use your debit card in the safest way possible, you’re welcome to follow these easy guidelines:

  1. Identify the lock icon. Evaluate the security of each cyber-shopping platform before you type your debit card number and make a purchase. Look for the lock sign in your browser and always read security alerts whenever they appear.
  2. Keep a constant eye on your account. Keeping the closest look at your funds is always the best option. It’s especially crucial if you occasionally share your card details online. Monitor your account on a regular basis. And don’t forget to enable alerts in your account to notify you of your money transfers.
  3. Avoid insecure internet connections. Free Wi-Fi and smartphones do make your life easier. But can you be sure that the public hotspot you’re using is secure? Whenever you log in to your financial accounts or need to type your debit card number and press ‘Pay now’, make sure you do it from the comfort (and security!) of your home where you’re sure the connection is safe.

So, what are the most conventional ways to use your debit card? You know them all and you turn to them every day by buying music, movies or books online, by purchasing your favorite brand of shoes or paying for your long-waited getaway tickets. But there are a lot less traditional and more creative ways to use your debit card. They are sure to bring an element of surprise to your everyday life.

So, you can use your expired debit card to:

  • scrape ice off your car’s windshield
  • assemble a DIY flower box for your refrigerator
  • replace the battery cover that has fallen off your camera or remote control
  • make a DIY guitar pick
  • get rid of air bubbles on a freshly papered wall
  • make a smartphone stand
  • cut a V-shape in the card and use it as a bookmark
  • stabilize furniture

So whether you’re using your debit card to purchase expensive perfume or as a furniture stabilizer, make sure you approach the issue in a complex way. If you use your debit card to make purchases, get ready for chip technology. In many countries, debit and credit cards have already moved from using magnetic strip swiping to embedded chip technology for additional safety. So, are you ready for more innovation in the fintech scene? We bet you are!