Internet Memes That Won Our Hearts

Internet memes have become avenues for self-expression and social ideas of the young generation, especially the millennials. They usually make use of images, GIFs and small video files and add witty or funny captions. With the internet as a medium for sharing activities, concepts and catchphrases to a wide audience, it’s no wonder why memes gain popularity and spread rapidly or “virally”. Memes come and go; some become overnight sensations while others stay and become memorable ones. Special memes are ones that win the hearts of netizens, and we’ll revisit some of them.

The Grumpy Cat Meme

Animals are such adorable creatures and capture the hearts of many netizens and internet visitors. The grumpy cat meme is no exception. Coupled with witty and hilarious captions, this memorable cat won the hearts of many and stayed in the memories of the internet users. Named “Tardar Sauce” in real life, this cat actually has a disorder called “feline dwarfism” and a distinctive underbite that gives her the trademark pouting facial expression.

The Doge Meme

The “doge” meme is another animal-themed meme that stuck in the minds and hearts of internet users for a long time. Today, we can still occasionally see doge as a photograph meme attached to photos of Shiba Inu dogs added with bad grammar and comedic monologue text. This hugely popular meme is one of the best known memes you’ll find that most netizens are familiar with.

The Wat Meme

This three-letter word meme became a viral reaction meme that was used in different online platforms. It included hilarious pictures and additional captions to add to the fun in it. One of the memorable wat meme images was “wat grandma”. This adorable, funny grandma gained popularity during the early years of this meme. Although she has passed away, her meme image still continues to draw fun and memories until now.

Good Guy Greg Meme

Most of us may remember the marijuana-smoking fellow in the memes we liked. Also known as GGG meme, this guy’s photograph has been usually captioned with positive vibes like acts of kindness and respectful public behavior. It stands out as one of the few pleasant memes on the Web, most of the memes are for fun, jokes trolling and negativity.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist

This famous meme came from its equally famous comedy skit by ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. Although the character and jokes of the skeletal puppet Achmend touches in the sensitive topic of terrorism, Jeff was able to deliver the punch line and fun to still win the hearts of audiences around the world.

The Chuck Norris Meme

Another set of popular memes that went viral on the Internet were ones with topics in referring to Chuck Norris, who was once one of the great action stars of Hollywood movies around the 80s and early 90s. Netizens and meme creators often add captions of preposterous exaggerations of Chuck Norris doing impossible or superhuman feats, often with comedic effect. His memes even find their way to emails and web pages. That’s just how “legendary” he’s supposed to be.

The Success Kid Meme

One of the most used and recognizable memes on the Internet is the photo of an adorable fist-clenching kid. The cuteness mixed with mundane to idiotic captions, makes it a widely used and popular meme. Also, cute image often inspires optimism no how good or idiotically bad life can be.

There are actually so many memorable memes that captured the interest and hearts of netizens. When it comes to memes, Internet users around the world are united to the universal language of fun and free expression. The ones that stuck in our hearts and minds are most likely the ones that we can relate and care to share with others.