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Are you planning to attend a nursing job interview, and you’re unsure about what to expect from your interviewer? If that is the case, you can relax now. Just keep reading. Many nursing graduates fail their interview for travel nursing jobs in Ohio, not because they’re not good enough as nurses but because they’re not well prepared for the interview. Hence, it is one thing to be a good nurse; it is a whole other thing to convince the interviewer that you’re the right choice. Therefore, to be successful at an interview, you must provide convincing answers to specific questions during the interview. The following are the common nursing interview questions and answers to help you prepare:

Why Did You Pursue A Career In Nursing?

When you’re asked this question during an interview, you have the opportunity to tell the interviewer your passion for nursing. Everyone has their reason for choosing a career, and the reason why a nurse decided to study nursing might be quite different from why another Nurse did. Hence, you should be honest with your answer. You can even personalize it and tell them about situations that inspired you to become a nurse. You can share your childhood experiences with them and tie them to how it inspired you to become a nurse. You can also tell them about people who motivated you to choose nursing as a career path. Tell them what you love most about the profession and how passionate you’re about helping people get healthy again.

How Would You Handle A Difficult Patient

As a nurse, you will be dealing with different people at different times. Among those people will be calm patients and difficult ones. The interviewer knows that this sort of occurrence cannot be dodged; you’ll likely come across it as a nurse. It is a difficult job for most nurses. Thus, your interviewer will likely ask a question like this to know if you can handle such a situation successfully. If you’re asked about how you would handle a difficult patient, you should tell the interviewer that you’ll continue to be calm, professional and provide excellent nursing care even when the patient is difficult. You can tell them about a time when you had such a patient and how you dealt with the situation successfully if you had one.

What Happens If Your Shift Replacement Is Unavailable

Unexpected things happen every time. Therefore, your interviewer wants to know how you’ll react to such an occurrence. If you’re asked about how you’ll handle a situation when your shift replacement is unavailable, you need to answer approximately. You should tell them you’ll wait at least 30 min to see if they’ll arrive before you report to your supervisor. You’ll also ask your supervisor if there’s any replacement available, and you’ll wait and continue to perform your duty until the replacement arrives. Providing this as your answer makes your interviewer believe you have a genuine interest in your job.

What’s Your Approach In Dealing With A Rude Doctor?

In the hospital environment, not only will you encounter entitled patients, but you will also have to deal with rude doctors. Keep in mind that as long as you will be dealing with different people, there will be a difference in characters. Moods can influence people, and when they are experiencing a bad mood, they may appear to be rude. Hence, when you’re asked how you would deal with a rude doctor, you need to show them your conflict resolution skills and respond to this question logically. Your response can be something like, “how I’ll handle a rude doctor is that I’ll ask them if there’s something I’ve done wrong. If there is, then, I’ll ask about how I can do better next time.”

What Would You Do In A Situation Where You Made A Medication Error

We are human, and we are prone to errors. However, while mistakes in other fields may be overlooked, it can be costly in the medical field. As a nurse, you’re dealing with human lives, and your mistake can lead to death or paralysis. However, sometimes, nurses make mistakes. Thus, when you’re asked how you’ll handle a medication error, your interviewer wants to see how honest you are and how well you can handle mistakes. Your answer to this question should be something like, “I would notify my supervisor, and then, I would inform the patient and their family. I would also inform the other members of the care team, as well as the hospital safety committee.

These questions are often asked during interviews, and these are the most appropriate answers for them.

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