Interview With Successful Online Blogger Katie Wager

Online gambling is truly exciting and overwhelming. And it’s no wonder why many people engage in it hoping to take their chances and win some cash. Some of them succeed, others don’t. This is a matter of luck or experience. Fortunately, there are casino experts who can share their knowledge, insights, and tips. So, you can stick to their advice and improve your gambling experience.

Here, we’re going to talk about one such expert. Katie Isaacson is a gambler and she runs her own website, the Katie Wager casino blog. She is a popular blogger, writer, and independent researcher who focuses on cryptocurrencies and online gambling. Are you eager to listen to her story? Okay, here we go.

A few words about Katie

Katie comes from the heart of Germany — Berlin. And as she told, she was a wild kid. Things changed right after she had become a student of the Psychology Department of the Free University of Berlin. While studying there, Katie became disciplined, patient, and productive. These skills helped her after graduating from the university. She moved to Melbourne in Australia and tried herself as a volunteer in non-profit organizations. And, probably, this became another pivotal moment in her life. Later, she moved to the UK and started her writing career. Katie admits that she has adored writing since her high school and student days. “Thanks to the University, I discovered my passions and put all my energy into writing”, she said.

Her first efforts were in writing about beauty and fashion trends, compiling guides like “How to get your ex back” and other relevant topics. The articles were for magazines, websites, and digital marketing agencies. Later Katie switched to IT trends, cryptocurrency, gambling, and cybersecurity. She found these topics very exciting, especially online gambling. A keen interest in gambling appeared when Katie first tried playing some games in online casinos. After that, she decided to thoroughly explore this topic and started reading about various wagering strategies, games, their peculiarities, perks, etc.

“I also studied the psychological aspects of casino games and decided to put my knowledge into practice. And… that’s how my gambling journey began”, she remarked.

Gambling in Katie’s life

The idea of launching a blog about gambling came to Katie’s mind after a while.

“I think the main catalyst of it is my friends”, she told. “They are also gamblers just like me. And they started to ask for some advice and recommendations. And you know what? They were amazed by their gambling outcomes and said that I could run my own blog devoted to ‘the art of gambling’. Actually, I was aware of a lack of information about such things, especially about online casinos. And, perhaps, because of that I decided to create my blog to help other gamblers.”

We would like to mention that Katie also runs her channels on Youtube and Twitch. So, now you may not only read her reviews of game providers, gambling venues, etc., but also watch her tutorials and chat with her online.

The reason why she decided to start streaming is quite simple. While streaming, Katie shows how she plays casino games online as she believes that visual information is perceived and processed better. So, if you prefer watching streams, this way of learning about different casino strategies and hacks is right at your service.

The most exciting experience

Also, Katie told us that she had a great opportunity to visit ICE London 2020, the largest global gaming event. It aims to introduce the standards of quality, innovation, and transparency in the casino industry.

Katie mentioned that she was excited to visit the exhibition, where new hardware and software solutions were presented. There were demonstrations of the latest game releases, exclusive roulette models, multi-game HD terminals, and UHD slot cabinets. Moreover, she enjoyed trying the newest Live Baccarat game, roulette tables, and multi-game titles by EGT. Katie notes that it was very thrilling to see it all with her own eyes. She took some pictures of the event and gladly shared them with us. So, here are a couple of photos from the recently held exhibition.

The most exciting experience

Plans for the future and Katie’s final remarks

For now, Katie is planning to continue running her blog and writing about online and crypto casinos. Also, she is going to promote safe and responsible gambling through her channels on Youtube and Twitch. The blogger says that a lack of trusted information resources, genuine reviews, and gambling etiquette may contribute to problem gambling. So, she will not only spread the information on how to play online casino games and win often, but also how to gamble wisely and safely. And here’s her message to the readers and subscribers:

  1. Stop considering gambling as a way to earn money.
  2. Play only with the money you’re ready to lose.
  3. Set money and time limits.
  4. Don’t chase your losses.
  5. Don’t play casino games if you are emotionally unstable or under the influence of alcohol.
  6. Keep the balance between gambling and other activities.
  7. And make short breaks often.

We hope that this interview was helpful to you. Follow Katie’s blog and social media channels, and use the provided information to the best advantage.