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Most people have thought about visiting a casino. Some have, but others haven’t just yet. That will likely change in the future. Casinos are great places to hang out, enjoy yourself, and mingle with others. Plus, there is a chance that you’ll leave the casino with more money. Who knows? The possibilities are endless. Nevertheless, there are many great stories behind casinos and the people who visit them. Below, readers will find many intriguing facts about casinos.

Ben Affleck Banned

Most people know that Ben Affleck is a big fan of casinos. However, he might’ve taken it too far from time to time. For instance, he was one caught counting card at a casino in Las Vegas. Now, the Hard Rock Casino has banned him from playing Blackjack for life. He’ll need to visit a different casino to try his luck.

Sky Beam Is An Insect Magnet

When visiting Las Vegas, you’ll love seeing the Sky Beam that shoots out of the local casino. It is always a treat for tourists. However, most people do not understand that the beam is a problem for the local ecosystem. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that the beam attracts many insects. It has created a new ecosystem for owls, bats, and moths.

Howard Hughes Moves Sign

Most people can never imagine being a billionaire. Few will ever experience being able to waste money on anything and everything. Howard Hughes knows what it is like. Many years ago, he purchased the Silver Slipper casino so he could move the facility’s trademark neon sign. He was sick of seeing it from his bedroom window. Since the sign had been keeping him up all night, he decided to buy the casino and have it moved. The live casino has never been the same.

Lake Tahoe Explosion

Unfortunately, casinos are scenes of many crazy events. One of those was the bombing of Harvey’s Resort Hotel in Lake Tahoe. In August of 1980, several men pretended to be photocopier deliverers and entered the casino. While they were there, they planted 1,000 tons of dynamite. Authorities attempted to disarm the bomb, but it didn’t work. Instead, it exploded and severely damage the hotel. It was estimated that the explosion caused roughly $18 million in damages. John Birges Sr. would later be convicted of making the bomb. He allegedly wanted to extort the casino after he lost three-quarters of a million dollars there.

As for the bomb, it was one of the most sophisticated the FBI has ever encountered.

The Hyland Card Counting Team

Most gamblers have heard of the Hyland card counting team. They were exceptionally skilled, but they were caught. When the team was caught and prosecuted by the casino’s owners, they were ultimately acquitted. The judge found that the players didn’t cheat. Instead, it was claimed that they had only used an intelligent strategy. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that the team will be watched carefully when they visit another casino. They can’t be trusted to play cards or bet on American football.

Chinese Carrier

Not long ago, a Chinese businessman wanted to build a floating casino. He purchased a non-functional aircraft carrier from Ukraine with the intention of using it as a floating casino. It took the man longer than four years to get it to China, but his plan wouldn’t work. Instead, the Chinese government would eventually purchase the carrier, upgrade it, and use it.

Casinos And Continuous Surveillance

A little tidbit that you may not know is regarding the brick-and-mortar’s surveillance systems. Did you know, three decades ago, many land-based casinos worldwide did not utilize surveillance cameras to monitor their workers? It was like casinos trusted their employees to do their job appropriately and show integrity on the clock.

Modern land-based casinos not only utilize continuous surveillance cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of their establishments, but they also utilize human surveillance teams. Every worker, as well as visitors of brick-and-mortar casinos, are being continuously monitored throughout their shifts day in and day out.  Thats why its good to check options like joker slot as well.

Nevada State Prison Bullpen Casino

In Nevada, gambling was legalized in the early 1930s, at which time, state officials approved plans for the state prison to establish a land-based casino. While some residents believed casinos and prisons did not mix, it appeared to work and did work for about 36 years.

Prisoners were permitted to work inside the casino during its run. Unfortunately, the Bullpen was eventually forced to shutter its doors in 1967.

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