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GQ was an American disco and R&B group who scored a handful of hits on the disco and R&B charts throughout the 70s music era, and they continued their hitmaking prowess in the 1980s. These hits include “I Do Love You,” “Disco Nights (Rock-Freak),” and “Sad Girl,” all disco and oldies music classics.  A little more about GQ here in this gallery!


GQ was a disco and R&B band formed in Bronx, New York in 1968. They were first called as the Sabu & the Survivors, with “Sabu” the nickname of one of the founding members, bassist and vocalist Keith Crier.

During the 1970s the group changed their gears and began playing funk music. By this time they called themselves the Five Percenters which consisted of Crier, lead vocalist and rhythm guitar Emanuel Rahiem Leblanc, vocalist and keyboardist Herb Lane and vocalist and drummer Kenny Banks. Banks was later to be replaced by Paul Service.

The group’s new manager suggested to change their name into “GQ” (“good quality”). They went on to release their debut album Soul on Your Side (1976) on Vigor Records, De-Lite Records’ subsidiary. They subsequently signed with Arista Records.

Peak of their career

GQ went on to have a string of hits especially on the disco and R&B charts, starting with the international disco hit “Zone” (#4 disco, #92 R&B, 1976). Their most successful song was “Disco Nights (Rock-Freak)” (#12 pop, #1 R&B, 1979).

Several other hits include “Make My Dreams a Reality” (#8 R&B), “I Do Love You” (#20 pop, #5 R&B), “Standing Ovation” (#12 R&B, #35 disco), “Sitting in the Park” (#35 disco, #9 R&B), “Shake” (#23 R&B), “Sad Girl” (#93 pop, #39 R&B). All of these hits were from Arista.

Later career and individual activities

Service broke his wrist from a car accident, thus the band was forced to find another drummer in his place. Finally, Steve Adorno replaced Service and went on to play with GQ from the 80s up to the 2010’s. In addition, Adorno has also played for other bands such as Seguida and Devoshun.

Emanuel became a solo artist. He released a solo album in 1991 entitled Always Be Around. He still performs live as GQ and addressed himself as “Mr. Q.”

Keith “Sabu” Crier died on September 30, 2013, aged 58.

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